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  2. Its none of my business and you might be totally aware of this but traditionnally, the conservative party is the one who is pro-monarchy (they are conservative because they don't want to change the old system) while the social democratic party (left-leaning) is the one who is more anti-monarchy (pro-progress; pro-trying new things). Also unless your "blacks" are your wealthy class in this country, they tend to vote massively on the left pretty much all over the world.
  3. Thanks Treasurer. Wow, great community support! Splitting North and South BC was a good idea. However, I have not received the final version of the map by email yet. Also thanks for the party logos!
  4. I think I will do the scenario using the British parliamentary system simply because it is the one I know most and it is also the simpler one to edit.
  5. Thanks Treasurer! Matvail: Née à Victo mais je vis et travail à Ottawa. (born there but I now live and work in Ottawa) Pour le qu'elle système, étant donnée que tu as un intérêts pour cela aussi, quel est ta préférence ? Je connais plus le système parlementaire mais avec la majorité des gens de la région étant Américain, peut-être plus le système présidentiel. Par contre, la France et la Russie (et bien d’autres pays) ont les deux, un président et un parlement.
  6. I would like to make a campaign on Cascadia. Essentially, the storyline would be the global financial crisis became much bigger and the USA and Canada "blew up." This give rises to multiple smaller North American countries trying to hold together in different ways. Hence the creation of Cascadia. (similar to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nine_Nations_of_North_America) You guys are more talented and more experienced than me with scenario creation. I would like that someone access the zapatopi.net site under and create a map of the scenario. Including the district lines sperating the three st
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