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  1. I just completed a scenario of this. I don't know how to upload it so people can download it. Plus I am having a problem. The game won't load because of some problem with the issue images.
  2. I am actually from the 23rd congressional district of NY. So i think this would be a very interesting senario to see. There were no primaries so we might have to work around that. Hoffman ran as a conservative after losing the nomination to Scozzaffa. As for Scozzaffa dropping out of the race, we could just schudule an event which would give her very negative momentum. I will do anything to help with this scenario.
  3. How do I get the old one back. I don't know how to fix it.
  4. On campaigns forever, I was editing a scenario, I accidently deleted an ad. I accidently deleted the newspaper ad. I created a new "newspaper ad". Now I cannot do any steps further than the "create parties step". When I read the errors it says Parties >> Republican >> Advertising >> ad >> Reference not found: ad newspaper Partis >> Democratic >> Advertising >> ad >> Reference not found: ad newspaper can someone please help. I want to change the endorsers events and activities.
  5. I have finished the Issues. I have a map. I need the populations and number of eligible voters per county, and if I can't get that I'll just go to 2008 presidential election results and add up all the votes that each candidate got, and then use that for the number of eligible voters. I found the populations, but I can't find the number of eligible voters. Do you guys know of any running mates for the 3rd parties and democrats?
  6. I am working on creating a Nebraska gubernatorial election. I have started working on a map. I need. Candidates, issues, eligable voters, percentages and basically everything.
  7. I dont really understand how you create maps. How do you use the maps? While I am at it. I dont really understand how to make those little pictures on the issues or the picture next to the description when the senario is selected.
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