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  1. Would love to have a copy mainlandchad46@yahoo.com
  2. Anyone Have the Full Version of This that they would be willing to give me a copy of? i'll be willing to trade i can give President Forever 2008 or Prime Minister Forever 2008 Canada Version
  3. Please Email to obamachad46@yahoo.com all 3 of them THAnks
  4. I dont know if you still have it Can you email it to me? Obamachad46@yahoo.com thank you!
  5. no it can be anysize and if it doesnt trouble you make the coordinates im not good at 'em!
  6. LoneLiberal


    i need help with a map it needs to be 7 provinces 1 being an island thanx in advance
  7. i would like the 2009 please obamachad46@yahoo.com
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