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  1. I would also like Global President, if you don't mind: asarnstrom@yahoo.com
  2. Not sure if its been mentioned already but Feingold is from Wisconsin, the game lists him being from Massachusetts.
  3. I would really like to see Cynthia McKinney and Brian Moore added, well at least McKinney anyways.
  4. She shouldn't have a 5 in charisma, she's now according to polls the most unpopular of the four BIG candidates.
  5. I would like to see Cynthia McKinney added.
  6. The Democrats are going to pick up at least five senate seats this year possible as many as 8-9 seats. Plus there are a number of pro-choice Republicans too.
  7. Yeah that'd be great so instead they can use a clothes hanger and just do it themselves. FACT: Roe will NEVER be overturned.
  8. Wellstone was my political hero, he would have made an awesome President!
  9. I look forward to the Rhode Island Guv scenario. As an openly gay person it's always a thrill to see other openly gay persons elected to office and I have very high hopes that Mayor David Cicilline will become the first ever openly gay person elected Governor in the United States in 2010.
  10. Cynthia McKinney might be a good choice for the NDP too.
  11. Keyes ran for the Republican nomination and lost so then he ran for the Constitution Party's nomination and lost so now he figures he might as well run as an Independent. He's expected to be on the ballot only in a few states.
  12. Could you please send it my way: asarnstrom@yahoo.com Thanks dude!
  13. Could you please send it to me: asarnstrom@yahoo.com Thank you I appreciate it.
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