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  1. I recall Gower 1982 which was a rather boring Labour Hold ! personally the 1966 Camarthen by election would be more interesting with Plaid Cymru gaining its first ever seat from Labour
  2. Hi, playing PMF 2010, 2010 scenario i note the following Scotland seats are missing candidates Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill is missing Liberal Democrat candidate Glasgow North East is missing Liberal and Conservative candidates
  3. dalek1000 (at) Hotmail.com
  4. I keep getting a list out of bounds -1 error about 4 weeks from election day.
  5. Its packaged in a RAR file - you need to download and use something like WinRAR to extract it.
  6. Many thanks Nyarai 2000 is very tough to crack, but having fun trying :-)
  7. Hi, Can you email me or re-upload the Liverpool Westminster Election 1983 scenario, as the rapidshare link has now expired? Thanks
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