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  1. There are several parties which are going to run the election. - Grand National Party (GNP) (Conservative, Right-wing, Neo-Liberalism) [incumbent Party] - Democratic Party (Liberal, Center-right, moderate conservative) - New Progressive Party (NPP) (Progressive, Left-wing, Social Democratic) - Liberty Forward Party (LFP) (Conservative, Center-right) - Democratic Labor Party (DLP) (Progressive, Left-wing, Social Democratic) There are several candidates : - Grand National Party (GNP) Mayor Se-hoon Oh (Incumbent) [Very-high profiled] AM Kyoeng-won Na [High profiled] A
  2. Thanks very much. I will provide information about this scenario. Also I promise I will provide some information about SK presidential and parliamentary elections. I will provide information in this topic. Is it ok Patine? Thanks
  3. Hello. At the moment, there will be huge local election in South Korea on June 2nd. I want to start new local election which is about Mayoral Election in Seoul Special City. I need developer to create this scenario. (I don't have campiagn forever.) I will provide plenty of information when anyone try to develop this scenario. Does anyone interesting? Please help me. Thank You
  4. I am thinking that it will be alright that make the scenario about Korean Presiential or Parliamentary election... if someone think and try to make these scenarios, i will provide election informations.... here are the scenarios that i am thinking now... - 2002 South Korea Presidential election - 2007 South Korea Presidential election - 2004 South Korea National Assembly election - 2008 South Korea National Assembly election the presidental election might suitable to P4E, but i don't know the parliamentary election... i suggest British version, but Korean election system they have propo
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