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  1. It looks like Long Island is pulling ahead and has a statistically significant lead. Below are my proposed candidates. Thoughtson additions or subtractions? Democratic Tom Souzzi, frmr Nassau County Executive Harold Ford Jr., frmr US Congressman and chair of DLC Marty Markowitz, President of Brooklyn Borrough Kathleen Rice, District Attorney and unsuccsessful candidate for NY AG Steve Israel, US Congressman Republican Steve Levy, Suffolk County Executive Peter King, US Congressman Rick Lazio, frmr US Congressman Joseph Sawicki, Suffolk County Comptroller
  2. Can I get this one as well? Thanks. chickoff@yahoo.com
  3. I feel like doing something different. Help me decide.
  4. Here is a few rising star candidates Patrick Murphy, age 37 State Attorney General- 2011 Spec Election Governor 2014, w/ 2018 reelect or US Senate 2016, President 2020 Joe Sestak, age 58 Governor 2014 w/2018 reelect or US Senate 2016 President 2020 Melissa Hart, age 48 State Attorney General- 2011 Spec Election Governor 2014, w/ 2018 reelect or US Senate 2016, President 2020 Luke Ravenstahl, age 30 mayor of Pittsburgh reelect 2013 US Senate 2016 or Governor 2018 Vice President 2022 or Gov/US Senate reelect President 2026
  5. John Danforth, frm Senator from Missouri, Chuck Hagel, Senator from Nebraska, Tom Ridge fmr Governor of Pennsylvania, Connie Mack III, fmr Senator form Florida, Gen (ret) Norman Scwarzkopf, Congressman JC Watts, Oklahoma, fmr Governor Christine Todd Whitmann from New Jersey, Governor Jeb Bush from Florida, and drum roll please New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he was a republican in 2004.
  6. I think moderate is on the right track, but the Tea Party types have shown to be very strong in the north this year (O'Donnell, Paladino, Maine, New Hampshire, to name a few.
  7. Anyway I can get one of those scenarios so I can attempt to do the mayor jungle primary if the gentleman do the Chicago scenario decides not to go that direction? Thanks my email is chickoff@yahoo.com
  8. I think the game would be funner if the primary was heldon one day like in real life. I think all precincts should be worth the same 1 delegate or whatever the city equivalent would be. Is it possible to make an all candidate primary and the top two regardless of party affiliation advance. It may be tricky because I imagine the top two would both be Dems. What do you think? Is it possible.
  9. Is anyone planning on doing a Chicago Mayor scenario? This would be very timely with the Rahm Emmanuel potential.
  10. Whats the deal with the 1866 Confederate file being a .rar file? P4E doesnt even recognize it as a scenario file. Does anyone have this in a compressed zip file? My email is chickoff@yahoo.com
  11. Is this scenario posted anywhere? I had a scenario going but it errored out on me when I got to the events so I gave up. I would love to go mano-e-mano against former presidents. If one is not posted will someone email me a copy at chickoff@yahoo.com Thanks.
  12. Sometimes when I get that error when trying to play a scenario I open the root folder and move it to its very own single file in the Scenarios folder. Thus rather than having a file in a file you have one file under the scenarios. Very hard to explain.
  13. Would very much like it if you sent me a copy of your world map. I am very impressed, tried this myself and it was an epic fail.
  14. I typically don't add candidates who outright decided not to run as Kennedy did in 72 and 76. He will certainly be in 1980 alternate against Pres. Henry Jackson.
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