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  1. Well it depends if you want to make it realistic or not... There are no political leaders for European political parties, only lists of candidates in the name of political parties. So a realistic game would use party lists only.
  2. BTW wouldn't PM4E be a better game for a scenario on the European Union
  3. At least having the 7 european parties with elected officials would that really change things ? Especially with the conservatives being the fifth more important European party why not having it ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament
  4. Sorry I have been away from this forum and this game for months I'll check this out I'll have to redownload the scenario entirely and check where I left it. I honestly don't know why you had something like this.
  5. On the "Extemely" I agree with matvail. On more moderates, I would add most eastern countries, and especially Poland. However I think you guys forgot one extremely important party for lots of countries : http://www.ecrgroup.eu/ or you did mistakes... Especially with David Cameron and the UKs conservatives : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Conservatives_and_Reformists#Membership_as_of_19_September_2009 However seeing the current political reality for the conservatives in Europe, we should keep this map : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Conservatives_and_Reformists#Membership_as_o
  6. Hem... The Brittany nationalist Party has been disolved in 1944... The ADSAV, (in french : Parti du Peuple Breton, in english Brtion's people party) never (in my limited knowlodge about them) had candidates in an election.
  7. I'll check this later today I don't have problems with this I don't know why this is happening
  8. Sorry I did not have enough time to put together all the work already done for the scenario. Next week I should have enough time. Anyway thanks for this update MiHao !
  9. Thanks for your test... Why were you not able to start with primaries ? About the "closeness" of the election, one thing is important to understand : in France, if in the first turn of the election no candidate cross the 50% line, their is a runoff. Historically the "moderate right" candidate is always in the runoff (never we saw the center right candidate not being also candidate in the run off). The run off in France accept only the two candidates that got the higher results. So the difficulty in creating a french scenario without a proper game developped for it is that the run off is wha
  10. With which candidate did you tested it ? after a last test, I think Sarkozy is still too much strong at the beginning but it might be because of the fact he doesn't have to fight a tough primary when the Socialist Party is highly divided
  11. Once again thanks for your work... About parliamentary elections, the reason is simple: Congress for ever is not out yet we just have the "partially private" beta so oing parlimentary elections is not possible with P4E And the point was to do something linked to the President after the crash... But I totally understand that you are also interested but the parliamentary elections... I think a HUGe part of what we do here will be usefull for a scenario about the 2011 parliamentary election when Congress for ever will be out
  12. that's my problem. If you know how to fix the sendings, I'd save lots of work
  13. Don't worry i will correct them I think the problem is because you create your file in JPEG, and I have to transform it in bitmap to make it work with the game. This transformation is probably the reason of the problem with borders.
  14. Okay I began the work ... I have to rework a little the map (region borders are not "strong" enough). Starting date, I'm thinking April 20th... April 10th seems really really bad to take so I won't pick this date... The election date is like in reality for june 20th. No primaries allowed. just two months of campaigning...
  15. While I'm implenting informations for the polish Scenario (http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=10957), I'm giving you the beta version 0.1 for the French Presidential scenario. http://www.mediafire.com/?khyqmyamgmw Really far from finished but I hope you're gonna like the beginning and your opinions on it will help me improving it !!!
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