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  1. Thanks what did you like ?
  2. I did it ! no comment on the scenario in itself ?
  3. Here is the new link : http://site.voila.fr/f21/Phil_Defer___President_2004.rar
  4. Here is my updated version : http://site.voila.fr/f21/Phil_Defer___President_2004.rar Thanks for your comments !
  5. Have you heard about what just happened in the last days in French Polynesia ? http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/commo...55E1702,00.html Would anyone be interested in making a scenario about it ?
  6. Scenario : Phil Defer's President 2004 I played as Bush I played a good campaign, and I really believed I would win Ohio !
  7. I just played that game as George Bush ! there was no bad surprise this time ! I was ahead with a good campaign all along the campaign, and I had no surprise too concerning the states won ! Look at the popular vote results and the popular vote results in Alaska too
  8. Merveilleux ! Je vais les ajouter sans tarder ! Je me charge de répartir les positions de chacun ! Merci cher cousin Toutes mes amitiés !
  9. So, anyone knows how I could formulate those issues in English ? the 5 positions I mean
  10. Merci pour ces infos je vais réfléchir avec la démo à ce que je peux faire. Mais je vais quand même continuer à faire mon scénario sur Président Forever, je trouve intéressant d'organiser la présidentielle de cette façon, même si je regrette surtout qu'il n'y ait que 4 partis, j'aurais adoré jouer avec les 16 partis et donc, en jouant en deux fois pour les deux tours, essayer de faire accéder Jospin à ce satané second tour !!!
  11. Je ne me suis pas procuré PM4E Australie. Quels sont ses avantages ? Combien de partis peut-on créer ? J'aimerais beaucoup simuler les 16 candidats de 2002 ! Ce serait formidable ! About the issues, in fact I found a site which was very interesting http://www.rtl.fr/RtlInfo/Presidentielles/programme/ but the problem is that on one issue there are different ideas from the candidates and I can't make a résumé of each position. I will keep many issues of USA 2004, but I will include anyway Europe : Some want a federalist Europe, others an "Europe of nations", Le Pen wants to withdraw from Europe, etc I will include too Euro (there are 2 main ideas, pro Euro and anti-Euro, i.e. Le Pen who wants to come back to the Franc) I would like to add too the Working time issue (35h in France), people from left want to keep that, those from extreme-left would like it to be applied to everyone, centrist would be to "soften" the law, right to come back to 39h and why not extreme-right to come back to 42h. I would like too to add unemployment (10% there), with as the issues the typical keynesian-neoclassical clash (much gov or few) If someone could help me for establishing the 5 ideas on that issues it would be great thanks much in advance
  12. I have some ideas on a few issues : the working time, Europe, Euro, unemployement, etc... but I don't know how to formulate it so that it is in good English would anyone like to help me ? to find issues and positions Some links on the subject : http://www.time.com/time/europe/magazine/a...-218426,00.html http://www.socialistworld.net/index2.html?...6/04France.html http://www.dsp.org.au/links/back/issue23/Duval.htm http://www.wsws.org/articles/2002/may2002/vote-m06.shtml thanks much in advance
  13. Did you like my scenario ? http://site.voila.fr/f21/Phil_Defer___President_2004.zip Tell me about it !
  14. I played about 10 games with that scenario, with about 50-50% of the time Bush or Kerry-Clinton-Clark, and I always finished with a very close race, where the result was decided by one or a little number of states (which made me lose often)
  15. I just added her http://site.voila.fr/f21/Phil_Defer___President_2004.zip I used some information from already existing scenarios with her, thanks much to those who made it and please tell me about this change, and the scenario
  16. I would like to integrate Hillary Clinton too I will think to it
  17. about the issues sincerly all the changes (not so numerous) I did were from what I knew of the 2 candidates, a more "right-wing" vision of Bush on military and security issues, a least "leftist" vision on immigration about Kerry I had read that he wasn't as favourable to abortion as his party, so I switched him from "left" to "center-left" I think that's all the changes I did
  18. Thank you I will check that site and lower the money, I propose to give Bush 100 million, Kerry 85, Nader 3,5 million, Badnarik 1 million. Are you all ok ?
  19. how did you do to make such a landslide ? did you enjoy that new version ?
  20. hehe wonderful well done do you think I gave too much money to the 2 big parties ?
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