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  1. So, are we going to be seeing this scenario released?
  2. I haven't gotten anything yet. brian.appel@gmail.com
  3. Can I have them all please? brian.appel@gmail.com
  4. I think it's a great idea. I'd love to see it when it's done!
  5. I'll take whatever you've got! brian.appel@gmail.com
  6. The seal hunt was not an issue at all in this campaign, nor was any kind of stimulus package. NS Power was one Emergency Rooms was too Can we think of any others?
  7. With the election almost over, does anybody have a completed scenario or at least a complete set of issues? All I had is the riding file completed.
  8. Only the PC's had a youth curfew policy, but we can create a crime issue policy.
  9. Well, I had the riding file done in the sense that I put in all the candidates that existed up until that point. Now it's complete, I believe. The issues, though, I'm still considering. Economy, definitely. Healthcare, as well, has to be one. Nova Scotia Power will be another. Crime, another one. Any others you can think of?
  10. BrianA

    Canada 1993

    Any chance of getting the link for this again?
  11. What sort of help do you need?
  12. Is there a revamped 1993 scenario around? I think I had one a little while ago that was redone with x's in for the incumbent. Also, has anybody done anything more with a 1988 or 1984 scenario?
  13. How is this going? I have a ridings file all done, if that would help.
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