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  1. Good point, but if you're trying to spacebar through the game, that doesn't help very much. I was wondering if there was any line in the code that could be removed to eliminate that news item, or if it was hard-coded.
  2. One minor question...is there any way to get rid of the "Candidate not on trail" news item and effect? Thanks!
  3. For some reason, the SuperPACs in the primaries (1.2.4, 2016 scenario) only advertise in Alabama. Reason?
  4. FYI, the final seat breakdown was Conservative 154, Liberal 78, Bloc Quebecois 41, New Democratic 35, Green and Indepenedent were both shut out. Is it because of the likely "coalition" partners both being deadlocked at 154-154? I would think the natural thing to do in that case would be to give the Prime Ministership to Harper. I don't have the save game or a screenshot, unfortunately.
  5. Maximum expenditures by riding: http://www.elections.ca/content.aspx?section=ele&document=index&dir=41ge/limcan〈=e Total maximum expenditures by party: http://www.elections.ca/content.aspx?section=ele&document=index&dir=41ge/limpol〈=e
  6. I'm trying to adjust my game to reflect actual delegate counts (some of them, like Texas for the Democrats, are WAAAAY off), and wanted to ask where the number of delegates necessary to win the nomination is coded, or is that figured automatically? Thanks in advance.
  7. I actually just space-barred a primary race as the two third-party candidates (I quit about halfway into the general election campaign because the Dems were being squashed flatter than a tortilla) where Clinton ended up seven delegates shy of the nomination after the first ballot, and everybody else threw their support behind John Kerry, helping him win the nomination despite Clinton's primary dominance. BTW, how are delegates divvied up in each state? For some reason, it seems like every state for the Republicans is winner-take-all, whereas the Democrats have things somewhat more realistic (proportional for anybody over 10% or so)...am I correct?
  8. simon-How about making the US ridings their current Congressional Districts, and instead expanding Canada's ridings to, oh, about 500,000 people per riding...
  9. I was just wondering...for some reason, I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to nail down...
  10. Hardright-I understand that...what would probably be better, just for the sake of this scenario, is if nobody had a majority, that each state's Congressional vote were controlled by whomever won that particular state...after all, you have the right to create a brand new governmental system... BTW, Hardright, is there a similar scenario for PM4e, but where the Canadian system prevails? Now THAT would be interesting...
  11. I know that, but Congress in the scenario is so evenly split, it just seems like a random toss-up who wins the President once there...
  12. Total newbie here...how come it appears that this scenario ALWAYS goes to Congress?
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