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  1. I've been playing v9 for a few weeks now (difficulty: medium) and have noticed a recurring trend in the nomination process on the Democratic side; Hillary will not withdraw when she's clearly beaten. Whether it be 6 weeks before the end of the primaries and is mathematically eliminated even if she were to win every remaining state's delegation or after the final vote has been counted and every delegate assigned, she never bows out to let the player/nominee gear up to face the presumptive Republican nominee. This opens the door to the computer player researching scandal on her fellow Democratic
  2. Nice win, c/b08! Quick gripe/suggestion regarding the new update. Bill Richardson isn't exactly Barack Obama as far as charisma is concerned but to give him a "1" is a bit too harsh I think. The guy's as charismatic as General Clark or Senator Clinton and is certainly more than Governor Vilsack (who received a 2). Richardson couldn't have even won the election of president of his fraternity with a 1!
  3. Here's an interesting link that may be helpful in determining policy positions for the candidates on future scenario creation: 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector
  4. A general note to all future scenario creation; It looks as though California will bump up it's primary to Feb. 5. http://www.topix.net/content/kri/373712131...864213974428897
  5. Gov. Mike Huckabee (R- Arkansas) will file papers tomorrow to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee.
  6. New to the forums here, hi everybody! This was my first game playing the Primaries version, I've only just updated from the '04 version. I'd went into the editor and replaced John Kerry with a Bill Richardson profile I'd created, giving him 5 experience, 4 charisma and 3 integrity, also changed the platform to the appropriate stances and altered starting percentages to be a bit lower than Kerry's, particularly in the Northeast but gave the Gov higher numbers in the West by an average of 3 percentage points starting off with $3.5 million. Also edited in crusaders Barbara Richardson (Base Power:
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