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  1. And NDP isn't wiped out, either! Martin even squeaked by in his seat. Stock didn't lose, though. It was close.
  2. I've lost four states all by around 1% one time around, so it's possible, I suppose...it's also incredibly frustrating.
  3. Well, no game's perfect, and if you find the right formula you can manipulate the system. Like those times when the Tories got two seats or less in the British Game. If you just play normally, I don't imagine there'd be much to worry about.
  4. All of 'em, please, if it's not too much trouble! thenaf@gmail.com
  5. Okay...what DID you cheat with?
  6. My "strategy"? I did absolutely nothing for the entire campaign, except make four ads. Then with two days left, I released the four of them. And I went from 2% in the polls to 18%, and I won Wyoming. Wyoming bars suffer a decline in business.
  7. Bane


    Uhh, how did the Greens get three seats? In run-throughs I do they're lucky to very rarely get one. And four indies? Which four? (Cadman, Devine, the other Sask. guy...who else?)
  8. Thank you. This is what we need.
  9. Uggggh, I'm never pirating a game again after THAT ordeal.
  10. It's hard to tell which states will trend which way because Clinton screwed everything up - Florida wasn't even close to being a swing state until Clinton brought it into the fold. But your guesses will be as valid as anyone else's, so go for it!
  11. This mainly goes for the AI... Wouldn't it be interesting if, when creating candidates, there'd be an area to say how the AI would play them? This could really help the realism factor (McCain wouldn't run a smear campaign, some candidates would campaign passively and defensively, others more aggresively, some would focus on solidying their base, others would try to expand early, etc.) I see this in many other games, and I think it'd add a lot to an election simulator - some variety to the AI.
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