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  1. Okay...what DID you cheat with?
  2. Uggggh, I'm never pirating a game again after THAT ordeal.
  3. It's hard to tell which states will trend which way because Clinton screwed everything up - Florida wasn't even close to being a swing state until Clinton brought it into the fold. But your guesses will be as valid as anyone else's, so go for it!
  4. Scenario: HRC's great Ultimate United North America. I've tried many a time to beat this scenario with the American Progressives, so I eventually tried with Veronica Rivers, my old PolCan character (Will I ever let go of dear old Ronnie?). I went deep into the game - attacking completely stratigically, making use of endorsements, doing momentum based campaigning and running only the best ads. And I was doing okay, too, until Miller and Keyes both melted in an awesomely gooey fashion (One newspaper was a level nine scandal on Miller, a level ten on Keyes and a level eleven on Miller. ). Then
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