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  1. flinders92@hotmail.com Please
  2. I love the Alberta scenario! (What are the differences between Premier Forever and the normal PMF games? Can the Premier Forever engine handle more than 4 parties?)
  3. From what I'm hearing, El-Barradei isn't going anywhere. Many people seem to feel he just tried to seize the revolution after spending decades abroad, whereas Ayman Nour appears to have a lot of street cred. Most likely the next President won't be anyone we know though.
  4. I actually believe the 2016 Dem or Rep nominee has a 50 % chance of being included in that list there, but the problem is that 4 or 5 of the other people in there will look totally bizarre when someone reads that list in 2016 or so. I think that these kinds of scenarios should be made with some moderate conservativism at the back of one's mind. Of the people included, I think Herseth-Sandlin has the most potential though. Also it'd be nice to see some scenarios with people that are not among the usual suspects. I for example don't think you should include Biden or Clinton. 'Well, have Clinton as an Off-candidate)
  5. Oh, and throw in one of the Udalls, they're young, charismatic and might actually run.
  6. Some fresh ideas for Democrats (most aren't that realistic, but all the same,...): -Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia -Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, female and from a semi-swing state -Senator Maria Cantwell from Washington, female -Senator Kay Hagan from North Carolina, female, young and charismatic -Governor John Hickenlooper from Colorado Crazy ideas: -Olympia Snowe after a party switch in 2012 -Terry MacAuliffe (???) I don't think many people who have their own seat up in 2016 will be likely (in as much as we can know a thing like that) to risk running for the Democratic nomination as it seems more likely to be a republican pick-upn than not. Then again, at this point in 2002 Obama was an unknown state legislator.
  7. You serious? I mean,...You serious? 'Cause that's probably the closest thing to a holy grail this forum ever had. Such a shame we only find out about this now,...
  8. This forum is nearly dead Anyway, I liked it quite a bit, though I think you should move the Vice-President convention back a week so one could inspect the state by state results and people could perhaps have some space to craft a deal with other candidates. Other than that I have little to contribute as this is hardly my area of expertise. Off-topic: Are Treasurer of the PC and some of those other profilic posters no longer around? This place used to be way more active. Off-topic 2: You MUST do a Palestine Authority scenario.
  9. Labour 44% Conservatives 36% Liberal Democrats 8% Labour majority of about 40
  10. Yeah, the regional breakdown of the vote is invisible now.
  11. Yeah, I think you definitely did a good job on the issues and the map also is a definite plus. The scenario looks good too (which doesn't always equal a good scenario, but still is a nice extra). The only serious 'problem' I have with the scenario is that I'd love to see some more candidates (Timochenko MUST have a primary challenger, or at the very least an alternative liberal candidate). Also I'm not too sure about Putin and Gorbachov being candidates.
  12. Dowload link isn't working for me. Sounds cool though. EDIT: I tried again and it's okay now...
  13. I think it's a fascinating idea and it would be nice to see it tried out in practice, on the other hand it would make the presidential results lack quite a bit in the suspense they would normally have. On the whole I favour it though.
  14. Someone should really try and make a 2010 scenario with this map. The way you can really see the geographical spread of party support is superb.
  15. Open the map in MS paint and hold the cursor over a region. The coordinates should appear somewhere in the lower right half of the screen. Hope this helps!
  16. I don't really consider Verhofstadt III to be an actual government, but in theory you're absolutely right. So I think I owe HarryBarclay an apology. Good to see another Belgian on here.
  17. I must say this scenario looks great. At first glance my only problem is the absence of a far-right/eurosceptic/populist party. If you ever decide to make an expansion of the scenario, that's the thing I'd throw in for sure. EDIT: oh, I also spotted a small factual inaccuracy: Vehofstadt served two, rather than three terms as Belgian PM.
  18. Have you used the scenariochecker?
  19. Côtes de Salvon: Bayonville Compté de Mardogne: Deson-la-Roche Ardun: Sankt-Paulus, Adlersburg-und-Westlau Agglomeration: Archensstadt, Gebungshoff, Charleville-Salvon,Méchon Hope that's what you needed.
  20. How about something like this: PARTI POPULAIRE CHRETIEN (christian-democratic, centre-right) PARTI SOCIALISTE (social-democratic, centre-left) UNION POUR LA LIBERTE (liberal, centr-right on economical issues, centre-left on social isseus) ECOLOGIE 2000 (green, left) and perhaps a nationalist bloc that also contains centrist and perhaps even centre-left elements (multiple leaders).
  21. Sorry, totally forgot about this. Côtes de Salvon Darles Bourse Valin-L’île Côtes Rurales Niedersalfz Ralszburg-Central Ralszburg-Umgebung Karolshause Sutchen Arendsburg-Nachtelberg Rudenhoff Nebendorff-Achten Auwer-am-Salfz Compté de Mardogne Molines La Bonniette Verdes Compté de Sud Peillonville Lévesque Tuillé Arges-la-neuve Rodebourg Duchesse Compté de Nord Mazin-Ville (as well as the agglomeration) Mazin-Centre Faubourg Gare du Lyon Faubourg Moscovie Faubourg Ancienne Faubourg Universitaire Faubourg Verssalvonne Donges Urres Cévonges Petonges Leonge Barrez-Nord Barrez-Ouest Barrez-Sud Lache-Centre Lache-Sud-et-Garonnes Lengsburg Obersalfzland Leonge-Sud Emonges Casalles Pallones Ayard Plat d’Ologne Ologne-ville Gensbourg-Arras Gensbourg-Pointi Gensbourg-Gaches Gensbourg Villeneuf de Gascogne Gascogne Perdon Les Salletes Vallée Ollognienne Gaspard Tronches Myonnes Erdeux Falletes Funeriers-de-Sambes Oillons Ardun St-Louis du Nord Ardes Les Fues Gravelignes Waremmes Bois de Nord Ardogne-et-Failles Failles-Sud Jacquéville Grache-la-veille Grache-la-neuve Sadelbourg Beyonville
  22. Here is what I had on city's. Côtes De Salvon Darles Bourse Valin-L'île Niedersalfz Ralszburg Karolshause Sutchen Compté de Mardogne Molines La Boniette Verdes Mazin-Ville Mazin Faubourg Gare Du Lyon Faubourg Moscovie Leonge Barrez Lache Lengsburg Plat d'Olonge Gensbourg Villeneuf de Gascogne Perdon Ardun St-Louis du Nord Ardes Les Fues
  23. What parties do you include and who are your leaders?
  24. Slightly less complicated but the general idea is the same. The political situation is also based on that of 19th century Belgium since that's the only one I have a sound grasp on. And thanks for the initiative of using French, but since I'm Flemish using English will be just fine.
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