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  1. That's a good idea. Simple and effective (as long as the AI can be trained to work with it correctly).
  2. I agree, and I've actually been meaning to say something about this myself. The problem is, I really can't think of a way to change the game to fix this.
  3. humm... what do you consider "realistic"? The values aren't dead on accurate, I'll give you that much, but within the game all the costs seem balanced vs. the amount of money that is usually in the game. At least, that's the way it seems to me. I don't exactly have a PhD in election finance, though.
  4. I was actually wondering the same thing. I went and downloaded it, and there aren't as many files as p4e+p uses, and none of them were XML files. Based on that, there for the older version of p4e. I really wish that we could get some p4e+p scenarios up, though.
  5. As I mentioned elsewhere, such strict interpretations of the Constitution (that said power is not specifically enumerated) are not what was intended, in my opinion. Of course, the other end of the spectrum, such a loose interpretation that everyone has the power to do whatever they want, is equally undesirable. As in all things, somewhere in the middle is usually the best course to follow. Well said. As for the original question, whether or not same sex marriage will be an issue in the election, that remains to be seen. Such things are completely up to the candidates running. If an organiz
  6. Me too actually. even an old version is better than nothing at all.
  7. In order to work around the limitations in the game itself?
  8. Yea, it would. I'd think that making one thing possible could make both possible, if work were put into it. The Maine and Nebraska electorial systems are official now, right?
  9. oh yea. lol I had forgotten. Since I lived there at the time, that's kind of unbeleavable, but there you have it...
  10. For fundrasing, there is the fundrasing coefficient for each party. It would be nice to have a modifier for each candidate, as well.
  11. ohms_law

    primary order

    The default 2008 scenario's primary schedule: State Primary Iowa 1/19/2008 New Hampshire 1/27/2008 Deleware, Missouri, Arizona, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina 2/3/2008 Michigan, Hawaii, Washington 2/7/2008 Tennessee, Virginia 2/10/2008 Nevada, Washington D.C. 2/14/2008 California, Wisconson 2/17/2008 Utah 2/24/2008 Connecticut, Minnesota, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island 3/2/2008 Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi 3/9/2008 Kansas 3/13/2008 Illinois 3/16/2008 Main 3/19/2008 Alaska, Wyomin
  12. Clark/bayh's 2008 scenario contains all fo them. It'd be nice if 80soft would host his scenario on the scenarios page.
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