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  1. Thanks Kerry Edwards for President! I am sure we can get along better now that the election is over I thought I would see if the this place was still alive I am a bit dissapointed that the blasted update for p4e has not been released yet. I am anxious to play it. I would like to add that I like your logos as well johnny_raoul.
  2. Oil Baron

    2008 images

    I like how just about EVERYONE who made a 2008 scenario stole my 2008 logo that I made for my now ANCIENT 2008nb scenario. How flattering. It is not even that good, would someone make a better one so that I can steal it?
  3. I am saddened to see I was not on the ballot. But I am not a top ten poster and I am sure I will live :-)
  4. He is on 2008nb, the oldest 2008 scenario. Some of his positions are wrong though. He was never in 2004 to my knowledge.
  5. I am sure you will change your tune if Kerry wins electoral but loses popular vote. The far-left would change it's mind about abolishing the electoral college really fast and say, "payback Bush! tee-hee!" But then again, such hypocracy is common in the Democratic party these days.
  6. I had to leave out one or 2 because of the limit of 10 choiches. I think that the best 3 (in my opinion) are included here but it will be interesting to see the poll results.
  7. Oil Baron

    Other Games

    Try running it in 95 compatability mode, other than that I don't have much of an idea. What kind of problems are you having?
  8. Oil Baron

    Other Games

    My top games are: power politics the political machine kings quest series (1-6) shadow president lords of magic lords of the realm II chess master
  9. Oil Baron

    Other Games

    Power Politics is great! It reminds me of P4E in many ways. I like the press confrences, multiple citys in each state, and the ability to hire a spin doctor. In many ways, I am sorry to say that Power Politics is superior. P4E still wins though because the the ease of creating scenarios, candidates, and it has a much better interface.
  10. Yes good old Johnson. I remember reading that he would deliver speaches when he was more than just a little drunk. Anyone else read / hear about that?
  11. He is on the two dollar bill? Is that considered greatness? heh heh
  12. I think he dropped out because he saw that he had a chance of actually winning. I belive he only wanted to help oust Bush so he rejoined after Clinton gained more popularity to steal republican votes. But then there is the question of why he ran in 1996 against Clinton. His poor performance in 1996 is, in my opinion, because he was not allowed in the public debates where he triumphed in 1992. His advertising in 1996 was also not as powerful and I don't remember seeing any of those crafty infomecials with all those graphs and charts during his second run. The "powers that be" must have dec
  13. I Know you are but what am I? That is a GENERALIZATION! ALL GENERAIZATIONS ARE FALSE ! Honostly, that is a sterotype. Jimmy Carter is a true diplomat. He is one of the greatest people of that millenium, behind Abe Lincoln ( I'm excluding Jesus became there are more than Christians in this world, though I am one.) And CLinton is a gret man. No one is going to change anyones mind so just forget about it.
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