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  1. I'd really advise you to redo the county numbers in this scenario. I kinda based my Florida numbers on stereotypes when I made the 2010 Governor beta
  2. John Anderson would not have ran 3rd party if Ford was President. If you want a 3rd Party throw in Jesse Helms or Phil Crane.
  3. It makes Upstate NY similar to Ohio in my opinion, probably would suggest cutting the state in two from Westchester county down.
  4. I read a book about 1948, there were a host of like 10-15 Dixiecrats that wanted to be on the ticket as President or VP.
  5. Good luck. When I first got the game and campaigns forever I tried this, getting the issues and the walkout process right for Strom was hard. I just started the primaries with a month until convention. I soon deleted it because it was ugly.
  6. I haven't worked on it or much anything P4E in ages. I suppose I could post a beta for someone to finish. I got stuck when it came to appropriating delegates to states and trying to get the primaries going for the Democrats.
  7. Which is funny when you read his book he wrote when Governor. He was less applicable to fringe things, now it seems like he attracts the fringe to stay in the limelight.
  8. I like the candidates you chose, but I kinda think that the 2012 scenarios are getting long in the tooth
  9. I pondered this once. It would be alot like majority rule. We would have China win all the time by plurality as I assume they would vote as bloc for their single party.
  10. Ok take a zero away from each candidate's funds. Or make things cost more. And realistically, those little guys only have $10k at most for funds.
  11. You cannot simulate a walk-out scenario. You would have to play Hoffman as a Conservative in order to get as accurate a game as possible
  12. One cosmetic thing about this scenario is the VP naming, the tittles of "Congressman" or "State Rep" in the VP name is something I took out when I had the original Zion scenario.
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