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  1. If, as is looking increasingly likely, there is a General Election in the UK on October 25th, will there be a 2007 update to PM4E: UK. I realize that compiling it all for four weeks time would be nigh on impossible, but maybe a post-election release of some kind?
  2. It's probably because you have Bush as the only Republican candidate, and therefore the nominee. He is obviously going to be more popular than no-one.
  3. Well, let me start by saying that I think my floating point is actually valid. This can't trash all over my floating opinions. Secondly, anyone know how to fix this? The problem comes when a candidate drops out. In my scenario, I've reduced the number of candidates from 6 to 5, and 6 to 4 for the Dems and Reps respectively. All names match, everything is hunky dory until a candidate goes to drop out (quitters).
  4. Indeed. You can't have it both ways people.
  5. Could it be because people bitch and whine when they don't get a release date, and then when they do get one they complain when problems delay it?
  6. Oh, honestly. So who cares if they're a day or two over the deadline.
  7. Seriously, the guy must have said about a million why he does not publish release dates (because you guys tend to get upset when they're missed for whatever reason) so why would he do it now? Keep up the good work Tony.
  8. Yea, I mean honestly - don't like waiting, don't like how you're being 'treated'? Don't buy the product - simple as. Vote with your feet and get the hell out. That said, I suspect you'll buy it no matter how long you have to wait so why not just wait. It'll be out eventually.
  9. Go Ralph!

    Scenario Moving

    OK, I fixed it. You just need to take out the first party name in the primary_secondary preferences file. So where it says Labour 95.0 2.5 2.5 Conservative 2.5 95.0 2.5 Lib Dem 2.5 2.5 95.0 ... you just need to take out the name of the party it says isn't a valid integer. The one I got was Labour, so I took out Labour and it worked.
  10. Go Ralph!

    Scenario Moving

    Yea, I'm having trouble with this one too. I can't think what it could be. Anyone get any ideas?
  11. How about his service in Vietnam (opposed to Bush's service in the Texas National Guard), and his 25+ years as an elected official (as opposed to Bush's ten)?
  12. I dunno - they all have seats in Parliament, excpet the Greens (who could well win one tomorrow) and the SSP. And the Lib Dems are pretty left-wing these days, and they're looking at 70+ seats come Friday morning.
  13. Yea, because the Greens, Respect, SNP, Plaid Cymru, SDLP, Sinn Fein and the Scottish Socialists aren't left.
  14. Respect have won seats. They won a council seat in Tower Hamlets a year ago. They pick up 15-20% often in London. And bearing in mind they've only been in existence for two years they're not doing too badly. They have an MP (even if he wasn't elected as a Respect MP) and stand a very good chance of getting him in to the next parliament - no self-respecting sim would go without the King vs. Galloway battle in Bethnal Green which is without doubt the single most explosive race of the whole election - Galloway has received death threats from (bizarrely) Muslim extremists and King has been terrori
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