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    Ditto. Good to hear. Just in time for me to write my last exam of this year!
  2. Excellent idea with PM Commonwealth. The fundraising section would be useful as well, and you could still attend a fundraiser if you wanted, as you said. I was at a conference a couple weeks back, and they told us that typically a leader will do no more than 3 events a day. It does feel rather limiting to me to be restricted to 1 event a day, so even if a second event could be added (along with the added CP and PP costs, fine.) that'd be great. Also, I'd like to see two policy speeches for each issue made available from the start, and maybe make the second one only half as effective as the first or something. That should add to the realism of the game.
  3. Good point. I tried amending the list by adding the scenario manually and then it wouldn't work.
  4. Like I just about did??!! Three questions: 1) did the Greens take the last 2 seats not shown? and... 2) how on earth did the Bloc get 67 seats? 3) Michigan must be in an ice age; how'd the NDP get 84 seats?
  5. And Southern Ontario, too. wow. How'd Saskatchewan stay Conservative, though? You'd think if you got mainland BC to go NDP, Saskatchewan would follow suit...
  6. itsh

    Canada 2007

    Same here. spacey_post@yahoo.ca
  7. This probably has been discussed elsewhere, but can a way be made for us to select what electoral system we want to use for a scenario? I'm also working on the 2006 Toronto Mayoralty Race, and ideally would have FPTP across the city ("nation"), but am settling for the parliamentary style.
  8. itsh

    2008 V.1.1

    same here. pls and thnx. spacey_post@yahoo.ca
  9. Interesting. A tad-lighter-than-lime-green with a hint of brown is how I could describe it. If I could get my " print screen" function to work, I could show you.
  10. I was thinking along very much the same lines. After all, the whole point of an election is for you to be given the chance to govern. So let's govern!
  11. What I'd like to see is a way to make the Independents more Indepent... running the Independents as a national party, in my mind, defeats their purpose. Perhaps this is where the by-election concept would be applied. Course, I imagine that would be heck to program, especially if you had a human playing a party as well as Independent.
  12. With me, it seems to takes quite alot of clicking to get it to let me edit the consticuency name... perhaps a function could be added in the consticuency menu? Or perhaps give the option of naming it when it's added? update Jan 10/07: Ok, I figured out what I was doing wrong with the clicking... but my suggestion on adding the function to the menus still stands.
  13. Are we limited to 5 sets of coordinates for a region? I'm trying to combine the Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut (Canada) into one region, but I want the territorial boundaries to show. Oops. my bad. Just realized this was the President forever board, not the Prime Minister forever one. D'uh.
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