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  1. Reasons why Andrew Jackson was terrible... 1) He ignored the Supreme Court and undermined the power and legitimacy of the three branch system. You can't ignore court ruling or they become completely meaningless! Especially since what he wanted to do was terrible and resulted in thousands of innocent deaths. 2) Killing the national bank singlehandedly led to the economic depression that occured during Van Buren's presidency. It was all his fault, and his successor got blamed for it. He completely avoided responsibility and was hailed as a hero. 3) He hated John Calhoun because of some
  2. someone do 1924 and 1928 please! I must have my vengeance against Andrew Jackson!
  3. Well, what'd you think? I worked hard on it and have had some real fun with it but I really want to know your opinions. What did you like about it? What didn't you like? Thanks, hearing your comments always inspires me to keep making these things so if you want more, you'd better speak up!
  4. The response for this seemed a little bit less enthusiastic than I expected but I submitted it. It's pretty fun, I decided to throw the United States in as a weak fourth party. (Level two and with about 1/10th of the money of the other ones.) Anyways, it's a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy it.
  5. almost done. the only thing I have left is candidates; I finished issues tonight. Expect it sometime soon... possibly tomorrow.
  6. as the Topic Title says I am working on the Napoleonic Wars map right now. Obviously you will be able to campaign as Napoleon or Tsar Alexander or Metternich or... well I'll have to see who was King of England at that time, or Louis XVI or the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. maybe a few more candidates. I've finished the map, which is always the hardest part. I edited my World War One map to split apart Germany and Poland and such and cut Italy into two sections since they weren't unified at the time. I also cut down Russia's population so that more time would be spent campaigning in cent
  7. yeah I tried that... several times. I diced up my Europe map to better reflect the time period I'm doing but it created errors somehow even though I was very meticulous... dunno... I guess I'll go back and try again from the old map.
  8. when it says list index out of bounds (899) what does that mean I have to fix? is it the map or...?
  9. excellent. now we have a green and libertarian so we could have a good four party electoral race... any chance you could throw a little bit more money to the third parties? or perhaps raise their party status to 3? so that... A) the major parties have more of a challenge you might be able to get some electoral votes as a third party just an idea.
  10. Name: Benjamin Dowe Title: Mr. Homestate: Texas Age: 18 Sex: Male Party: Libertarian Platform: Abortion: Centrist Affirmative action: Center-Right Balanced budget: Center-Right Business tax: Centerist Campaign finance reform: Center-Left Ecology: Centrist Education: Center-Left Free trade: Right Gun control: Centrist Same-sex marriage: Centrist Immigration: Center-Left Military funding: Centrist Military intervention: Centrist Personal tax: Centerist Public health care: Right Renewable energy: Centrist-Left Social security: Right Terrorism: Center Candidate Blurb: Th
  11. oh please someone make this... this is the only election that hasn't been finished that I really want to play.
  12. no problem. I had that same problem when I was making my europe map and it took me forever to figure it out. glad I could save you several hours of frustration.
  13. ok. first check to make sure your locations are right. then check to make sure the lines are completely filled in. oh oh I think I know what the problem is! Open the electoral trends file and make sure the number of "states" is equal to your number. if it's too small it just won't register the extra ones.
  14. you need to change the location of the state. In the region_variables file there is a list of map coordinates with each state. if you open the Map file and move your cursor around you should see a pair of coordinates in the bottom of the screen. you need to put the coordinates where your new state is (in the region_variables file) that corresponds with the coordinates you see on the map.
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