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  1. Paleolibertarian = Libertarian with a socially conservative viewpoint. Its used because of the massive crossover with paleoconservatism.
  2. I think its unlikely McCain would have run, because he was at the end of his first term in '92 and was only 5 years out from the Keating Five scandal. I think you should add Pat Buchanan because he ran in both '92 and '96, and managed to be a fairly major candidate in both even against the incumbent.
  3. Heath Shuler and Tom Perriello are both far too conservative to make it to a national ticket and chances are they won't leave the House because of it too, because NC and VA Democrats tend to be more moderate than some places, but not THAT moderate. Feingold also wouldn't have a shot, because he pisses off his own party too much with his liberalism. I think more likely Veeps would people like Claire McCaskill or possibly even a hispanic like Bill Richardson depending on what he does after his term is up.
  4. Also, if you want additional candidates, remember that Former Governor Bob Wise didn't lose a second term, and rather simply decided not to run, and would only be in his early 60's come 2012.
  5. With the recent mine collapse, I think that an elevate issue should be Miner's Rights. I come from near the WV border on the Virginia side, and I know this is a major issue in Southeast of that side and the Southwest of mine.
  6. Yeah, the insurance exchanges in this bill are much closer to other explicitly non-public option bills (like Max Baucus' finance committee bill and the Wyden-Bennett bill) than the HELP committee bill, so as we know the term, it doesn't count as a real public option. That's why nobody is really complaining about it, because even a few Republicans have expressed positive views about insurance exchanges such as Bob Bennett.
  7. Yes, its quite well made, though it seems like the Dems who would run with a President Nader would be generally more moderate, since I think a lot of the party would be smart enough to know that a Republican victory is the only result a left-wing split would get.
  8. To answer your other question, yes, it is possible to win the nomination as Paul Simon:
  9. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask, I actually half-finished a 72 scenario before I switched to Windows 7 and lost it
  10. Oh, and in the Green Party, I'd add Jello Biafra (former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys) as he actually did run against Nader for the nomination, though he preferred Nader and only ran because others had managed to put his name on the ballot.
  11. One Democratic candidate you could add is former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, whom many speculated might try to run against Gore for the nomination or as an Independent. Another possible Dem candidate could be somebody like fellow Georgian Zell Miller, whom obviously disagreed with the candidates of his own party about 95% of the time.
  12. You can definitely win as a Dem in 1984, you just gotta use a lot of footsoldiers and a few national ads, I've managed to win '84 with a few different candidates.
  13. Yeah, I mostly agree with most of the above post, though I will correct that Joe Biden has actually been asked several times if he'll run in 2016, and I've never seen him rule it out, just that he doesn't think he will. And I'd also like to say, I don't think age would keep Brown from running for President again, considering everytime he's run before he's been a huge underdog (1980 against the President and Ted Kennedy?), and he obviously prefers running for office than actually serving (he's run for SoS of CA, Governor three times now, Senate, President 3 times, Mayor of Oakland, and Attorne
  14. Hart wouldn't be a bad choice though, he's one of the most respected voices on homeland security and foreign policy in Washington, he's still very active in Colorado, and not to mention that most people have largely forgiven him since 1988, to the extent that he was a frontrunner for both Defense and Homeland Security had Kerry won in 2004.
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