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  1. redo 1960 too easy for Kennedyto win. i played kennedy once and i didnt do anything, just pressed space bar and still won the election.
  2. Vegeta - You of all people, should NOT be talking!! Remember everyone, he's the guy who didn't even know what goose stepping had to do with the Nazis!! Yea... exactly. Need I say more? And he didn't think the 1968 election, a very close, hard-fought election that ushered in Richard Nixon to the White House, was a "big one" You shouldn't talk about people making stupid posts Vegeta.
  3. I agee with Jospiv. Vegeta you are an idiot. Americans believe individually are more to Dems but generally as a whole is conservative and vote Conserative and hes saying the POLITICS is generally more conservative than in other countries. So even if most believe with Democrats its still a conservative country politically. Get a clue.
  4. Im sorry you feel that way SS Vegeta, I mean there might have been fraud but who knows?? No one will evre be certain What we do know is that you did lose
  5. WOW! Keyes you are a frickin legend!!! I told you to go out and wish this thing you DID! We got a record number of votes too 83!! wow!!! Keyes you beat this Veg guy yea!! Im really happy!! You are a legend man!
  6. Keyes 8000 and Roger Winchestor = proven leadership. They are independents running as independent candidates in order to break the two party duopoly! They will listen to no party, just the people that elected them! They have recieved merciless attacks from SS Vegeta but only because they are scared of what will happen and because they are slaves of their party. My friends, I am a Democrat, I am a liberal, I will NOT be voting for SS Vegeta! Support Keyes 8000/ Roger Winchestor!
  7. Those of you that are either undecided or not sure what is going on with all these crazy elections, I have a message for you. Like you, I was probably not all that sure what the point of all this was and I was not very impressed with the candidates. I have decided to vote for the Independent candidate Keyes 8000 and Roger Winchestor. They have the best chance of defeating SS Vegeta. HERE is why it is so important to DEFEAT SS Vegeta: Many of you realize that he is very rude character and often insults other people for no reason. He tells people to change thier views if he doesn't like th
  8. Once again I voted. Once again it was not for you SS Vegeta. Do NOT vote for SS Vegeta.
  9. I as a liberal Democrat am now starting a campaign to bring in support from my side of the aisle for HardRightConservative and Mantis. My reasons???? SS Vegata has been rude and inconsiderate in many of his posts and I do not believe that he is the right person to lead us. I fear that what is going on is the old saying: "No press is bad press." In other words, it isn't that SS Vegata is the most eloquent or most persuasive poster, it's that his sheer volume of posts, the fact that he must have everything to say in every little topic gives him exposure and that gets people to vote for him. S
  10. I just did and it wasn't for you.
  11. I actually think that your first idea IS a good idea!!! Now we can actually build a third party instead of winning the 3 or 4% and then going back to square one again. Hmmm. Well, for these two ideas, I'm not so sure we would want or need more than 2 third-parties. The fact of the matter is, for better or for worse, third parties are pretty weak in American politics and no party outside of Nader/Green and the Liberatarians have a chance of cracking 1% Having more than 2 third parties one would think that we would have to give them more than 1% since I don't think we're going to have the g
  12. This sounds great!! Good work!!! Making scenarios is a lot more time-consuming than one would think and like for that matter!! Could you email me a copy?? gwbush212121@yahoo.com Thanks a lot!!
  13. So your "cup of tea" is to just criticize everyone else at all times, including our hard-working creators of this game, hard-working people here that actually take the time to spend hours on scenario creation without getting anything for it except seeing their fellow gamers enjoy it, and telling people flatly that their views are too far to one side of your narrow political scope of what is acceptable?? It's ironic how those that criticize things the most, tend to produce the very least.
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