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  1. Wow, I've been gone a while. Let me be clear: I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, presidential candidate. As someone who also has a disability (auditory), if I were ever a supporter of Trump, the comments and gestures made to apparently mock a reporter's condition and disability would have turned me off, even before the blatant catering to Islamophobia that Trump would (of course), bombastically take to its (il?)logical legal limit (because what's left to suggest would teeter on war crimes, genocide and just plain criminal). But in truth? Trump blew it with me on day one. The blanket and blatant
  2. kort[dot]jackson[at]gmail[dot]com please? Thanks!
  3. A boss key is fine, too. Or both. Not that I actually play the games at school, but if I ever did choose to play them at school, it would be nice to have.
  4. I would like to see another country get its turn, or perhaps a singular international game with all sorts of engines built into it. Countries that I'd like to see (in no particular order) are: France, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Israel, Russia. Governor Forever would be nice too. Edit: grr. grammatical error. It's fine now.
  5. Fantastic News! I did not catch that. I'm quite overjoyed with the news, and I will be on the lookout for it. And please call me Kort. Nota Bene: I will continue on with my work, but it will be for scenario creation practice purposes.
  6. I can't find my old topic for Australia 2007, but I still have the information gathered, and will begin serious work on it this weekend. I will update this post with progress as we move forward. Scenario will be initially programmed with PM Australia, but will then be "ported" into PM UK and PM Canada. (P4E and CF are still up in the air) Currently Working: Selecting appropriate candidate photos, adding some extra leader candidates. List of MP contestants gathered. Working on strengths. Progress: 12%
  7. The issues that I have considered thus far is as follows: Key: Bold indicates the issue has been held over from the 2004 election Italics indicates the topic was merged with another issue. ANZUS Alliance Broadband Internet (Replaces ATSIC) Economy (expansion of original Tax System issue) Environment (Replaces Old Growth Forests) Foreign Relations (fills in empty slot left by merging of Illegal arrivals and Immi. Levels) Free Trade Health and Medicare Immigration (Merged Illegal Arrivals and Immigration levels) Industrial Relations National Security Native Title Privatisation Re
  8. Update: Election Date to be set to October 10, 2007, until further notice. Four party set-up. Aussie Dems and Family First only has seats in the senate (so do the Greens, but the Greens did win a house seat some time ago). I will attempt to make this fairly even and accurate as possible, I will aim towards a very slim coalition lead set up (definitely less than 10), with seats that are within 5% being too close to call. I now have several pictures of the party logos and candidates (Labor, Nationals and Greens have different variations than the ones used in the 2004 election). Next is to de
  9. Ok, if anyone has been following Aussie politics, Howard is expected to/forced to drop the writs for a new election, no later than January 2008. Therefore, it's time to create a 2007 scenario. Assuming that Howard puts this off as long as possible, I will set the election for the game for January 19, 2008. The Set Candidates will be: Liberal: John Howard Labor: Kevin Rudd National: Mark Vaile Greens: Bob Brown If it is possible to set PM Forever - AUS for more parties, I would then add in the next parties: Australian Democrats: Lyn Allison Family First: Steve Fielding A rather sticky
  10. DynamoJax2006


    I tried them again. They are now working fine. Guess either the server went down, or my internet went nuts ( I use a inhome wireless network that runs to the main computer, which has a hardwire connection to the internet). Can't wait to play them Also, I will start the thread for AUS 2007.
  11. DynamoJax2006


    I tried the links, but they are broken? Anyway, if anyone still has versions of what looks to be a fabulous scenario (s), please send them to: kort.jackson@gmail.com Thank you very much. PS: I have P4E+P, PMF UK, PMF CAN, PMF AUS, and CF (in English), so I can play all the games. I do hope someone can work on the 2007 Australian election, if not, I will attempt a go at it. I was shocked to learn Howard's going for number five.
  12. Whoops. Darn that lovely computer of mine. Clark/Bayh, from the sounding of it, is a great scenario editor, and I cannot wait for this one as well.
  13. Please send to kort.jackson@gmail.com If anyone is wondering, I have all the full versions of the games except the old President Forever and the Premier Forever. I tried the demos about 3 months ago and really liked them all. For the price offered, I think I was a great deal.
  14. This sounds like an interesting development. I would like a copy of the scenario please. Send to: kort.jackson@gmail.com This also stands for any new editions of the scenario. Good Luck, and best wishes with the programming. If I find any quirks when I start playing it, I will let you know.
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