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  1. Hi. After playing a few games, I am very happy with what has been improved since the last installment, especially with the real-time election night results but I still have some ideas/suggestions that I feel could make the game better: 1. Election Night - As stated, this has been improved BUT there are still some kinks, for example: Some states that wind up being VERY close get called very early but others do not. There was this race in Vermont that got called 10 minutes after the polls close and the final poll results ended up being 47.6% - 47.6% and the difference was 98 votes. Which
  2. Yes, a scenario editor would make things a lot easier!!
  3. Hi. I'd like to know how to either add a new political party to an existing scenario OR how to edit over another existing party and give it a new name. I tried doing this in the 08 scenario, after backing up the original, and tried to replace "libertarian" with "Green" but after checking all the xml files and replacing the words "liberatarian" with "green" I still get an error and the game shuts down. Please help! Thanks.
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