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  1. I got 142 as the Libs and 136 as the Cons. I can usually get a minority but can't for the life of me figure out how to get a majority government. Any advice? Also, I did one game for fun where I was the Libs and spent the entire campaign in Alberta. I managed to win all 28 seats for the Liberals and took a minority with 124 seats over-all.
  2. If you did a career mode, leadership races would be worth doing but in Canada they're completely different from normal elections so you'd likely have to re-do the whole game design for it.
  3. I like Pellaken's ideas a lot. Sure, it would be a lot of work but it would really take this game to the next level. You'd have to randomize which issues get hotter or colder over time, scandals, and the government's raise and decline in popularity but it would be do-able. It would actually give the Cons and NDP a reason to campaign in Quebec (to build for future elections).
  4. Something clearly needs to be done about the Bloc. Clearly they can't win over 55 seats in reality. Yet in the game, they always get 60 or 65...since Ducceppe never has to leave the province. Since they're only running in 1/4 of the seats, they should only be allowed to target 6 ridings. They also need some other handicaps imho...even if I edit Ducceppe's ratings and slash their budget, they still do well. Something needs to be done. It's absolutely impossible for the Bloc to get under 50 seats in this game.
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