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  1. candidates should have the same BG colour as thier game colour to make it simpler.
  2. Democracy seems interesting, but I agree it's limited. after a few years it must get very repetitive. I also dont like the interface, too slow and not descriptive enough.
  3. that not only makes sence and is realistic, but has happened in the past.
  4. that is unrealistic I actually know a constitutional lawyer in britain who threw a fit when I so much as suggested that the queen could appoint somoene into government with less seats.
  5. I agree, this is 80softs forum, if you want a free forum unattached, make one of your own.
  6. ditto on that. If I was an axe murderer, I wouldent go up to a friend and say "you know, I usually chop people into bits, but I like you, so I wont"
  7. I should be made moderator. not because of my views, but because I wont lock anything unles it really gets out of control
  8. good analasys on the election, except, as I've said to everyone; the greens wont win a single seat. In 2 horse-races 3rd parties fall, not rise.
  9. nuclear attack... good idea.... AWESOME NEWS: Rhode Island nuked, everyone dead. Bush down 5%
  10. why does everyone make thier own candidates then claim they acheived a great feat?
  11. if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all quit it, tyler
  12. using a game to make election predictions the results will be Lib - 112 CPC - 110 Bloc - 65 NDP - 20
  13. you can use the "ad trick" and other cheats to take 95% of the seats.
  14. is this really something to celebrate?
  15. not in terms of posts... but in terms of lovability
  16. Flood controls are needed, otherwise you run the risk of rivers overflowing thier banks.
  17. dont matter mantis, politics is all about perception, and the preception is that the tories are something to be feared.
  18. MikeM if Nova Scotia needs a social democratic government, perhaps they should vote for Belinda Stronach as we all know, she is a social democrat after all lets see what she'd do with taxes
  19. HEAR THAT TONY? they want bi-cameral elections you got your work cut out for you
  20. Liberty? Cans and Totts? a good looking George? you must be a brit mind explainging all that out in Canadian/American
  21. this post is productive, how? anyone wanna take a crack at it? guesses, estimations, predictions? anyone have any clue whatsoever? perhaps we can make a game of it
  22. not all of us have people willing to let us use their credit cards anymore once the money order section is up and running, I'll be laughing
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