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  1. candidates should have the same BG colour as thier game colour to make it simpler.
  2. Democracy seems interesting, but I agree it's limited. after a few years it must get very repetitive. I also dont like the interface, too slow and not descriptive enough.
  3. that not only makes sence and is realistic, but has happened in the past.
  4. that is unrealistic I actually know a constitutional lawyer in britain who threw a fit when I so much as suggested that the queen could appoint somoene into government with less seats.
  5. I agree, this is 80softs forum, if you want a free forum unattached, make one of your own.
  6. ditto on that. If I was an axe murderer, I wouldent go up to a friend and say "you know, I usually chop people into bits, but I like you, so I wont"
  7. I should be made moderator. not because of my views, but because I wont lock anything unles it really gets out of control
  8. good analasys on the election, except, as I've said to everyone; the greens wont win a single seat. In 2 horse-races 3rd parties fall, not rise.
  9. nuclear attack... good idea.... AWESOME NEWS: Rhode Island nuked, everyone dead. Bush down 5%
  10. why does everyone make thier own candidates then claim they acheived a great feat?
  11. if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all quit it, tyler
  12. using a game to make election predictions the results will be Lib - 112 CPC - 110 Bloc - 65 NDP - 20
  13. you can use the "ad trick" and other cheats to take 95% of the seats.
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