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  1. Lol. How is this cheating? Cain did drop out. He doesn't have to endorse Santorum. Have him endorse anyone and Santorum still gains about 1/2 of his support.
  2. To win with Santorum it helps to start with both him and Cain set to human. Have Cain immediately offer to drop out and endorse Santorum or any other candidate. Usually Santorum will get a 10 point boost nationally and be competitive in Iowa, South Carolina, and the bible belt.
  3. I've been playing various candidates, plus playing Cain just to have him drop out and endorse Gingrich. Anyone notice usually half of Cain's supporters go to Santorum?
  4. 1984 was one of my favorite election years. But the primary schedule is all wrong. Don't remember the dates, but the order was something like: IA NH ME VT Super Tuesday (FL,GA,AL,MA,RI,OK,NV,WA,HI) Super Saturday (MI,AR,KY,MS,SC,VA) IL CT NY,WI PA LA TN,DC TX Super Tuesday II (OH,IN,MD,NC) NE,OR Final Tuesday (CA,NJ,WV,NM,SD) The other states were mixed in between Super Saturday and Final Tuesday. The way Gary Hart came out of nowhere and almost took it from Mondale, and Mondale coming back from the brink to take the nomination was damned exciting to those who remember it.
  5. I would like to play this as well. sjm1701@yahoo.com
  6. Please email a copy to sjm1701@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  7. I have to disagree. I could see some activities not occuring occasionally, but not all of them not occuring for several consecutive weeks at a time. There's no way this is part of the games design. Also a "2" is not really a low establishment rating. It's the starting rating for pretty much all candidates in standard length campaigns.
  8. This is a bug in the game I've seen most often in the 2004 scenario. It doesn't happen every time, but usually happens in the Primaries when you have all of the candidates turned on. Sometime in November the activities just stop happening for a few weeks. You can still do everything that isn't an activity (foot soldiers, create/run ads, etc) but the other activities are stuck. For example I might schedule for the week barnstorming, issue research, debate prep, campaign development, and when the week complete none of the activities or only one of them complete. In these cases I have plenty
  9. No, over $5,000,000 in bank. I do spend the first few turns putting everything in develop campaign. Maybe some variable in the game is getting overflowed for something?
  10. I noticed it playing Gore in 2008. I had 60 energy left and scheduled 3 dev campaigns and 2 barnstorms. After ending the turn I noticed my energy went up to 77 which didn't make sense considering my scheduled activities. I looked at the recap and sure enough only Mondays activities took place and the rest didn't register. The remaining turns seemed normal.
  11. I get this problem too when playing Powell. Another thing I notice playing Powell is the Crusaders won't leave New York. Even though I have many states in my strategy, they keep barnstorming New York. Both of these problems seem to come and go. One turn the game plays normally, the next they are locked in place.
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