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  1. How'd you manage to win New York and not Montana?
  2. I was Kyrillos. Primaries were rough, I had an uphill battle against Jennifer Beck, who secured all the major endorsements (Obama, Christie, Wittman, etc.) and in the end she got 235 delegates, where 250 are needed to win. I split my PIPs in trying to get the endorsement of both the other candidates (Little and Baroni) and secured them easily, which gave me 265 delegates and the nomination. The general was hard too, but I pounded Menendez on Leadership and campaigned hard in Middlesex, Mercer and Bergen. I only won Bergen of those 3, but it has the most E.V.s of the 3 or all of NJ with 50. Bu
  3. I ran the 2012 Scenario as Rick Perry. Perry, of course, begins the primaries restricted to Texas and the surrounding states. I started a grassroots footsoldier campaign in Nevada (to give me early traction) and set about increasing my leads in the deep south. Romney and Cain duked it out, with Cain taking Iowa narrowly and Romney taking New Hampshire. I now had Nevada solidly, 18 points above Romney. Romney took South Carolina, and then I took Nevada. I unleashed my high-strength scandals on Cain and Romney, and secured Gingrich's endorsement, the week after, propelling me to the position of
  4. I knew I was going to win, I had 271 with +6 momentum to Obama's 170 and -4 momentum on election night. But New York had been deep blue the whole cycle, and it was odd to see it go to the GOP, with how satisfied they are with their Democratic governor.
  5. Ayamo: I have no idea. The GOP is polling higher there, and I checked in the files it has the GOP with 10 points on the dems there, and for some reason it starts the game as "Democratic Solid" and won't budge! And I don't want to pad the GOP numbers because the scenario is supposed to be as true-to-life in the polling as possible, but for whatever reason you can't win Tennessee as the Republicans! The closest I've ever gotten was 51% to 49%, close but no cigar!
  6. So I got tired of waiting for a 2012 scenario, and I built my own using all the polling and candidate data that I could find. It's still in a sort of beta mode, but I managed to get it to the point where you can play very competitively as any candidate from any party (except in the democratic primary, you can't beat obama.) I played as Rick Perry, who's my pick for the GOP Nomination. I immediately took to the position of frontrunner as I pounded away at the other candidates. I had 40% nationally when all the others were hovering around 15%. I was already sparring with the President before th
  7. This was a tough one. I played as Giuliani in the primaries, and in the beginning John McCain surged, and I beat him down with attack ad after attack ad until he wasn't even winning in Arizona. Cue Mitt Romney, who took New Hampshire after a tough battle. (Ron Paul took Iowa, to little avail, and surrendered to Romney after Super Tuesday.) Romney and I duked it out, neither of us getting a big lead, although I had a lead in delegates until the very, very end. The primaries came down to Idaho, one of the last states, which I was winning but Romney had all the momentum in, and he took by two p
  8. Pardon the Stupidity, but the only problem I have is that I can't create a file for the scenario to live in....
  9. I was stomping out bugs in my NJ 1997 scenario by spacebarring as Pezzullo. I was happy that election night worked, and not really paying attention, unti I turned around and saw this: Talk about a swing toward the 3rd party! National results (not selecting PC): What happened was that both major parties had massive negative momentum, in a "parting the red sea" effect, where Sabrin came and took all the undecideds (at the end of the campaign he had about +14 momentum.)
  10. I made a scenario. It's about a fictional little town in northeast North Carolina. Though it has existed for decades, it was only recognized as a town with its own government in 1968. Before 2007, it was a quiet town, with plenty of open space, a bustling market, and about 60,000 people. The Republican party has had control of the "municipal council" of 239 seats more or less since 1980, and in the 2005 elections earned 148 seats. However, in 2007, everything changed when an 8th-grade boy won an international math contest, and the town's leadership touted the town's education system all over
  11. I just got Campaigns Forever, and twice I lost as the Republicans in 2010. My third try, I went as the NRCC again, and here's what happened. The game, as anyone who's played it knows, begins at 218-215, with 2 seats undecided. I watchlisted and targeted the -1s, +1s and +-0s over several turn, researched, and made ads. But I fell in the polls, even as Sarah Palin made the rounds. A scandal barrage hit me, and it fell to +10 DEM. Then I lucked on a very large scandal in a hotly contested district (being NY-1), vaporizing any hopes of a Dem win there. I decided to become diligent, flipping Nort
  12. is trying to fix his 1997 NJ Gub scenario!

  13. Both candidates' vote totals end in 0... that's kind of weird....
  14. Here is my election summary. I was Chris Daggett in the 2009 NJ Gubernatorial Scenario. It is written as if it were Daggett's Journal. Chapter 1: The Primaries _______________________________________________________ I finally decided to run just before the Republicans and Democrats had their primary days. In the end, Chris Christie won out narrowly against challenger Steve Lonegan, while Jon Corzine won in a landslide against Commissioner Anne Milgram. My numbers are rising, I'm at 9.6% statewide at this point. Chapter 2: Come, Come, Cumberland! __________________________________________
  15. These are some of my good ones: I made a scenario for Syracuse's 2009 mayoral election, ran as Jennings, got some good scandals on Miner and good ads, went from 13.2% at the start of the election to 53.1% at the end. Swept the entire city. 7 words: I. Played. As. Reagan. And. Got. Owned. The primaries were tight as heck, so i was bankrupt after I overcame Herbie. Pretty close race, th e final before election polls showed 269 for democrat and 269 for me, but I had momentum
  16. This is my best ever: I played as Giuliani, but lost the nomination to Romney, so figured I should be all whiny and spiteful and become Clinton's Veep- It was all over for Romney after that. Revenge is sweet...
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