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  1. I can tell I'm going to take a lot of crap for this, but I don't think the Bush name thing is too big an issue. I think people are beginning to forgive Bush a bit, and people understand that Jeb Bush is a helluva guy, and a great pick for VP. Plus, it's mainly the snooty, rich, media, hyper-liberal types that hated Bush the most, who wouldn't vote against Obama for anything in the world anyway. By the logic of the Bush name being an election-changing issue, how did GW get elected in the first place? A lot of people disliked his father, and he only came along 8 years afterwards. Public memory i
  2. I don't see takeover of the Presidency as a major issue this year. I mean, Democrats and Republicans alike shudder at the thought of President Biden, but he's still on the ticket! I really think the VP pick on the GOP side is more of an issue of appeal, and that means you have to pin down your swing states. There are the constant swing states, like Florida and Ohio, states that swung to Obama in 2008 and may return to the GOP in 2012, like VA, NC, NV, IA and CO, states where a rising number of upset conservatives are challenging their states' Democratic status quo, like PA, MI, NJ, NH and WI,
  3. Great scenario, challenging but not too challenging. I played as Buchanan and the ANP, I had a foothold in the south and mountain west, and I ran ads in these areas. I fundraised like crazy and at one point had arond 75 EV's. On election day, Romney and Obama were in a dead EV heat, with me receiving 0 thanks to ties in states I had previously been winning. End result:
  4. Best run with Bachmann. 20% of the popular vote, didn't win a single state.
  5. I know I just did a Jersey scenario, but that one was really more of a practice for this one. NJ GOVERNOR 2013 In 2009, Chris Christie ousted Governor Jon Corzine and put New Jersey back in Republican hands. 4 years have passed, and New Jersey stands sharply divided. With a wide variety of Democratic challengers to the popular one-term Governor, who will his challenger be? More importantly, who will govern the Garden State in 2014? REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES -Governor Chris Christie -Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno (off) -State Senator Jennifer Beck (off) -Congressman Chris Smith (off) DEMOCRATIC
  6. How'd you manage to win New York and not Montana?
  7. As a politically inclined Jerseyan, I HIGHLY doubt Christie will lose re-election. Our last 3 democratic governors were complete nutjobs- Florio was a borderline socialist, McGreevey lied to his wife and came out of the closet mid-term, and Corzine lost $1 billion. Sure, Whitman and Christie weren't the best, but Jerseyans on both sides are starting to get a little sick of being predictable. And of Democrats.
  8. The scenario was sent to all who asked for it. And also I account for Corzine's scandals, he has an integrity of 1.
  9. I was Kyrillos. Primaries were rough, I had an uphill battle against Jennifer Beck, who secured all the major endorsements (Obama, Christie, Wittman, etc.) and in the end she got 235 delegates, where 250 are needed to win. I split my PIPs in trying to get the endorsement of both the other candidates (Little and Baroni) and secured them easily, which gave me 265 delegates and the nomination. The general was hard too, but I pounded Menendez on Leadership and campaigned hard in Middlesex, Mercer and Bergen. I only won Bergen of those 3, but it has the most E.V.s of the 3 or all of NJ with 50. Bu
  10. I ran the 2012 Scenario as Rick Perry. Perry, of course, begins the primaries restricted to Texas and the surrounding states. I started a grassroots footsoldier campaign in Nevada (to give me early traction) and set about increasing my leads in the deep south. Romney and Cain duked it out, with Cain taking Iowa narrowly and Romney taking New Hampshire. I now had Nevada solidly, 18 points above Romney. Romney took South Carolina, and then I took Nevada. I unleashed my high-strength scandals on Cain and Romney, and secured Gingrich's endorsement, the week after, propelling me to the position of
  11. Great! Did you go on to the General as whoever won?
  12. Okay I'll do that, I've never done this before!
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