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  1. As I wrote in another thread, I transferred the Canada-2004 scenario created by Saskguy into the German engine and used the PR with it. As far as where the secondary votes would go, I kind of guessed. But I've encountered some problems. 1) I'm not sure how the German system works, entirely, but are the seats supposed to increase during the election? Because it seems like, 3 weeks in, every province suddenly got four or five more seats. I thought, for the additional seats, a set list was created, and how can a list be created if the amount of additional seats isn't static? 2) For Independant candidates, they suddenly lost a ton of votes. Chuck Cadman went down to 1%, actually. Why is that? 3) At the end of the election, it seems like every party won some seats. Heck, the Communist Party won 7 PR seats with 0% of the popular vote! Is there a way to set a thereshold, like, of 5% of the popular vote required to win any seats?
  2. Okay, but how is it determined which candidate sits in those seats? Does each party create a list, or, after an election, does the parties just appoint candidates to sit in the seats they've won in a way they determine later?
  3. Can somebody please explain to me how the German system works? Like, you get your standard 308 seats, like for Canada, and how are the rest of the seats calculated? And how is it determined who sits in the extra seats? I played my Canadian scenario in it, and it seems like, as the game goes on, the number of seats increases...
  4. I just finished transferring Canada-2004 into the game. I had to guess about how the secondary votes would go, but I think it's really good. Although...for some reason, Chuck Cadman goes down to 1% of the vote in Surrey North. But otherwise, I think I did a good job.
  5. I dunno...I could have done with a fourth term of Jean Chretien.
  6. If you could perhaps send me that map... And those photos, which are also well done. brian.appel@gmail.com
  7. I put the "X" on all the incumbents in my 2004 scenario.
  8. I like the Svend quote, by the way.
  9. Hmmm...I dunno. I never really noticed.
  10. It's a neat game, I guess, but it seems like the kind of thing that would get boring after a while.
  11. Hmm...Actually it's a white background(a wall in my apartment). I don't currently have any polka-dot backdrops I can use for my photos.
  12. Is that the revised version?
  13. Cool. Try it in the revised version and see how well you do.
  14. Jeez! How'd you manage that, Dave?
  15. Cool. Granted, it's still a massive victory for the BC Liberals, but if that result had happened, it would have made for a much more fun legislature. Which Green seat did you win?
  16. True enough, but Joy did it for, I believe, eight months all on her own. Imagine going to work five days a week for 32 weeks and standing alone in a place where there are 77 - that's 7 7 - people who boo and jeer you everytime you open your mouth and who, most of the time, pretend that you're not even there, so you have to scream at the top of your lungs just to be heard over the noise! Most of the time, she'd go home at the end of the day with no voice and, usually, in tears. But she still showed up for work every day and did it all on her own until Jenny came back and, later on, a byelection brought in a third NDP MLA. But...man...eight months all on her own in very hostile territory. Joy MacPhail is, probably, the most dedicated politician in BC's history, and likely one of the top ones in Canadian history. I hope that someday she comes out of retirement and runs for federal politics. Heck, I wouldn't even mind if she became the Federal NDP leader. We need that sort of dedication in Canada.
  17. I knew I could count on you, Dave!
  18. Well, my Canada 2004 scenario will still not save...
  19. How the heck did you manage 19 Rhino seats in Quebec?
  20. Well...you could make it a 10 point scale, you know...
  21. I would tend to agree, except perhaps being a PM gives one a boost in experience. Then again, in '93, it'd hardly be fair to give Kim Campbell a 4 in experience, and Chretien a 3.
  22. But the Liberals wouldn't have the majority? Would they be supported by the NDP? 1000 posts, baby!
  23. Yeah, I got them. Thanks again. I give you tons of credit for your help!
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