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  1. You would have to scale the primary influence to a small percentage (2 to 5%?). Another way is that you could also change the Committed % to show how firm the candidate's support was in the primary. This change wouldn't impact the initial percentages much in the General Election but could have an effect as the final 8 weeks of campaign unfolded.
  2. Liberal UK has some good ideas. Based on my own observations (mainly from PF), I'd like to add... 1. I would also like to see the candidate's platform affect the starting percentages in states going into the general election, so that it's not entirely dependent upon the party affiliation, e.g. a Pro-Choice Republican should have slightly lower support in state like Kansas. 2. It doesn't appear that primary performance in state affects the starting percentage in the state. Primary popularity (to a very small extent) should carry over into the general election. This might make it more
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