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  1. Basic political beliefs? Progressive taxiation, with eliminated income tax for low income earners and higher income taxes for high income earners (i.e. $100,000 plus). Income taxes and corporate taxes perferred over consumption taxes (i.e. sales taxes) since consumption taxes are generally regressive. Increased corporate taxes with tax cut incentives based on environmental/worker standards. An independent Canadian foreign policy, including NO participation in Iraq or Missile Defence. I'm still undecided about Canada being in NATO and NORAD. Greater trade with other countries, especially in Latin America. While I'm not against free trade in and of itself, I am against the particular manner in which "free trade" is being introduced. I want to see Chapter 11 from NAFTA removed, ensure that public services, environmental/workplace standards, etc. are protected in any other agreement (FTAA). I would remove Canada from the WTO, since it is about corporate takeover and NOT about trade. I'm for same-sex marriage and marijuana decriminalization, namely because I don't think these issues are really worth getting so upset about. It's a personal choice issue. Free or significantly reduced university tuition, on par with many European nations. No censorship laws, no matter what. A three-way mixed economy, with a combination of private, public, and co-operative enterprises. To clarify where certain services/industries would fall, they are... PUBLIC: Health care, education, insurance, perhaps one bank and media outlet, postal service, perscription drugs, one airline, railway, and bus line. CO-OP: Forestry on Crown Lands, Native Fisheries, etc. PRIVATE: The rest. A Middle East policy that recognizes that no peace can exist until Palestinians no longer live in an aparthied situation. Only when that is removed can meaningful discussions on a Palestinian state take place. Indeed, Israeli settlements make talk about a Palestinian state increasingly difficult. Perhaps a single state solution is best. I'm not sure, but Palestinians must be liberated from Israeli military rule. Moreover, a Middle East policy that understands that stable democracy will only emerge in the region when the locals themselves decide to move in that direction. Increased ties with the European Union. A move towards renewable energy, for both environmental and economic reasons. The goal must be to be off of oil by the time oil runs out (circa 2050-2070). Kyoto Protocol all the way! Democratic reform in the form of a Mixed Member Proportional system, where half of the MPs are elected in single member ridings and half are elected by PR list, similar to the system in New Zealand. This system allows for a fusion of the best of both systems (local representation AND parliaments that are representative of vote distribution). Laws against media ownership concentration, either by private or government entities. Balanced Budgets are very important. Debt must NEVER be incurred (with minor exceptions for war or large capital projects that will boost economic activity, such as railways around 1870). Fully public health care, including home care and drug plans. Pro-choice. I'm not really in favour of affirmative action, since it is merely another form of discrimination. Of course, it can become hazardous at times to suggest so, especially if you are a white male. Maintain the wheat board, and favour family farms over corporate farms. Lower the voting age to 16. Lower the drinking age to 16 as well. That's about all I can think of now. Please ask if you want to know more.
  2. Where would Jean Charest stand on the various issues in the game if he were federal Conservative leader?
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