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  1. The new scenarios are pretty good.
  2. I think it was a coincidence. Lets see if he can do it again. Lightin don't strike in da same place twice!
  3. REALLY????? HOW DID HE DO IT?????
  4. This is my favorite scenario! How is the other one with the westurn hemisphere coming along?
  5. Sputnik

    Halliston for P4E

    I thought it was cool.
  6. Why make me mad???????? I don't like one-word posts! Damn it I am 15 minutes late for work because of you!!!!!! Got to run!!!
  7. no. Then the Democrats win and then I can't sleep anymore at night! I will think about it. I will run as a Nader/Perot spoiler! No. I will win!!!!!!!!!
  8. SO DID GORE IN 2000!!!!!! LOL hahahahahahahahahaha!
  9. Sputnik

    Next Scenario

    No. I am not! The Soviet Union fell in 1991. So there are no more Soviets! If I was a Soviet I would have to register as a Democrat and vote for Kucinich or John Kerry! I am an Independent voter though I sometimes vote Republican and sometimes Democrat!
  10. Sputnik

    Next Scenario

    Are you a Soviet? No. Or am I?
  11. Yes you do!!!!!!! It must stop! You crazy juice is making the board less appealable to other posters! Slow it down!
  12. Looks like Kerry Edwards is nearly back in the running! Perhaps you spoke to soon!
  13. I loved this scenario. Kudos to who made it. I have come close but never reached the 231 mark
  14. Sputnik

    Next Scenario

    The world map would be nice, then I could make my Soviet domination scenario!
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