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  1. Yeah sure, use whatever ones you want.
  2. The referendum one gives a List Index out of Bounds message and doesn't play.
  3. I'd like them too, wnorman88@gmail.com
  4. I'd love to play some of them, particularly 2007.
  5. So I was editing the Acadian scenario that was uploaded a while back, adding more ridings to Maine to fit its population, making sure the issues in the scenario file and fundraising/regional files lined up, etc, but I'm getting an "Invalid floating point operation" message when I try to start a game. I'm using PM4E 2008 version, and I've attached the scenario if anyone could take a look at it, I'm not sure what's werong with it and I put a decent amount of time and energy into my tinkering. Acadie 2009 - Norman's edit
  6. Well, I mean held up well compared to the real life result of only having 4. In my couple of playthroughs as the NDP they usually seem to end up with around 25 seats. The one suggestion I might have would to have the "Harper and Ignatieff shread Layton's budget proposals" event sap a little less of the NDP momentum.
  7. I did, having fun with it. The BQ seats have held up pretty well against the NDP surge I'm finding.
  8. wnorman88@gmail.com if I could get the beta.
  9. Made some logos, if you want to use them.
  10. With the scenario seemingly based in part on Montreal/Paris, for the national and regional flags I tried to draw inspiration from visual identity of various arrondissements, boroughs, and neighbourhoods from each place. For example, the regional flag of region 8 is a loose banner of arms for Mount Royal in Montreal. National: Region 1: Region 2: Region 3: Region 4: Region 5: Region 6: Region 7: Region 8: Region 9: Region 10:
  11. Sure. I'm on a graphic design kick, so I'll design some flags too. Also a minor suggestion, maybe trim down the time the Civic Party has been in power (a 54 year hold on power would be amongst the longest in the democratic world) to something more realistic while still showing long term electoral dominance, say in the 20-30 yearish range.
  12. Some possible party logos, feel free to use them if you like:
  13. I'd like a go, wnorman88@gmail.com
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