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  1. Even though I did not accept federal matching funds, the amount of background fundraising money is not realistic compared to what's actually happening. It seems like by not accepting federal funds, it is putting Obama at a disadvantage vs. McCain in the 2008 scenario. Are there any plans to correct this?
  2. When I clicked on the link and submitted my request, the link that was sent to me downloaded the following version: p4e8-full-v105105.exe. I think the email submittal link needs to be fixed to download v. Update - tried the link again and the correct file now works.
  3. Thanks. Wasn't sure if it's better to post on the help files area, or on the boards.
  4. It's been about a month, so I'll ask again...
  5. Add an election night summary of each states results that can be saved as a text file. I would love to look at final results to determine where my strategy/campaigning worked.
  6. For Big Mo’, the tutorial states: “If you can win the Big Mo’ headline then you’re well set for several weeks, which gives you time to build a FootSoldier organization and to conserve your candidate’s EPs & money for later in the fight.” Does this apply during the general election also? So this means that the candidate does not have to campaign much for a couple of weeks? Is this the opportunity to build up the candidate's issue familiarity?
  7. Can you provide further details on the difficulty levels of easy, medium, and hard? What is the difference in the AI between the 3?
  8. Is it better to post questions on this board, or in the help file web pages?
  9. So if only undecideds show up, how do I determine how many leaning voters are left in the race?
  10. I've had the same problem where I was playing Clinton vs. Guiliani for 2008. In many states, the undecided votes went down to 0% with about 2-3 weeks left in the general election. I stopped advertising in those states, and when the final election results came out, many of these states had suddenly switched and ended up heavily for Guiliani. I thought that once undecided votes went to zero, the candidate does not need to work that state anymore? Can the help file be expanded to clarify how to understand the undecided percentages in each state?
  11. Am I missing a setting? During the primary, you can set up a weekly itinerary, but during the general election it is day by day?
  12. Best campaign - I played Kerry/McCain vs. Bush/Cheney in 2004 and won 519-19!!! The key was flooding every state early with ads, taking away most of the undecided early. Worst campaign - I played Kerry/Edwards vs. Bush/Cheney in 2004 and tied 269-269 with the senate choosing Bush/Cheney. My mistake was that I ran out of money the final week.
  13. With the Fog of War enabled, if the candidate pays for a poll to see actual results, the strategy and ads windows should display the actual poll differential - not the estimated poll results. It makes sense that since the candidate has paid for the poll, these poll results should be displayed for that week. It gets a little frustrating to have to bounce back and forth between the strategy/ad window and clicking on the state in question to see the actual poll results.
  14. I was wondering if anyone notices if trends running ads early in a campaign works better than running ads late? It seems like the ads sway opinion polls early, but those votes don't seem set in stone. I've tried lots of ads early, and had early votes in the 400's, but it always fades by the end of the game. Seems like running ads late is harder to influence voters already leaning towards a candidate and there are a lot less undecided.
  15. Bad scenario - I ran Dean/Clinton vs. Bush/Cheney in the 2004 election and lost 4 times in a row with the margin always around 280-290 for Bush. I then tried Gore/Clinton vs. Bush/Cheney in the 2004 election and ended up 269 to 269 EV, and that damn congress gave it to Bush. Maybe Hillary is the problem?
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