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  1. Actually you can take a few more states with Perot with Dynamism off, than I thought. I got 8 small one (Alaska, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada) and got close in 3 other (Maine, Minnesota, Washington) But it is not easy to get the big states, so i guess winning the election (Dynamism off) with Perot is almost impossible...
  2. Dynamism was on... sorry, I forgot to mention , I thought it is obvious. I am not really into the game yet, so youprobably could do even better with Dynamism on. With Dynamism off, not a chance... you might take Maine or some other states (like Idaho, Wyoming, Utah or Kansas), but that's pretty much all you can do. So Dynamism was on, but I did not change anything else. It was a really tough campaign though...
  3. The best one and also the one which I enjoyed the most was the 1992 US election with Ross Perot (I played with a friend, arguing about every state, every turn... It took us 4-5 tries, but finally we mastered it: winning the election with Ross Perot, barely with 271 electoral votes. The worst one? Well, 1980 with Carter...
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