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  1. Hi everybody! Looks like Habs passed me. I hope everyone is doing well. I've been quite busy lately. I'll work on some new scenarios again soon.
  2. Why can't we turn off candidates in PM Forever or in Premier Forever?
  3. I personally like the original map better but it would be great to have a feature to toggle between the maps. That way you can play with the map of your choice.
  4. So you don't flood the board with BS!
  5. I even did the Conservatives a favour giving them an establishment of 5. The Liberals rigged the ridings and had alot more money. The PCs were down in the gutter until Lougheed became leader in 1965.
  6. Thanks you guys! Those ideas are great! I wanted McLellan in Texas because she seems to beat the odds in solidly Conservative states. Thats cool! Thanks alot guys! I will also throw in some American candidates for the fun of it. Giulianai and Schwarzenegger would be good fits for the PCs Frist Santorum, Bush (Jeb and Geroge W.) - CA Liberals - Ted kennedy - Kerry, Edwards, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton NDP - Sharpton, Kucinich, Nader What about Dean, Wesley Clark, Mitt Romney and any others you can think of? I was thinking of making Wesley Clark a PC.
  7. What states for leaders? Anne McLellan - TX Paul Martin Jean Chretien Stephen Harper Stockwell Day Jack Layton Bill Blaikie Belinda Stronach Peter MacKay Joe Clark
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