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  1. Someone else had an idea of starting a series slightly similar to this. We created our own characters and we could run for different offices including POTUS. All in all, this is a nice start.
  2. Hi folks, I just reinstalled P4E awhile back after I inadvertantly uninstalled it. After I installed it, it was working fine. However when I start it back up and clicked on "New Game" it gave me an error: "cannot open file scenarios/United States-2008/party_images/candidates/large.bmp" Thank you all in advance.
  3. msg me your email..I have a map of Hawaii. I was goofing off with a Lingle vs. Inoue scenario I created.
  4. Disregard that last message..I have figured it out.
  5. So for the heck of it, I decided to create my own version of the Nevada Governor's Race..however I came across some issues. -In one region, the Republican candidate has zero percent. -If I start the game with the primaries off, it's quite one sided (ex: Republican candidate has 0% statewide) Did I goof up on something when I was setting percentatges? If not, what else? Thanks!
  6. 2010 California Gubernatorial Name:Clark McClellan Age:50 Party:Republican Office: US Senator Bio: In 2002, Palo Alto attorney Clark McClellan did the unthinkable and unseated an incumbent Senator in his bid for US Senate. His accomplishments include the aiding of the lower and middle class families, especially in Southern California, as well as enacting tougher punishments for gang related crimes. Now in his second term in the Senate, McClellan has his sights set on becoming California's next Governor. Although he considered doing so in the 2003 recall election, he set those plans off to
  7. 2010 Ohio Senatorial Race Name: John Marigold Age: 55 Party: Republican Office: Congressman Bio: In his second term representing the 11th Congressional District of Ohio, John Marigold was able to make himself electable in a congressional district that normally goes Democratic. After replacing his predecessor Ted Buchanan upon his appointment to the President's cabinet, Marigold was among the many people responsible for revitalizing inner city Cleveland as well as working closely with his constituents to help dramatically reduce crime in the city. Well respected among many on both sides o
  8. cubbiesneverdie@yahoo.com I should be on here more often..I'm back on for the first time in..well ages. LOL
  9. I have a map completed so PM me your email address and I'll send you the map.
  10. NYCDEMS, I don't know exactly how the seats are really allocated having made a few scenarios for myself to goof off with..I just took a wild guess. Anyway, I did look at the map of counties in Minnesota, and the lower populated counties are pretty self explanatory..smaller area, smaller seats etc. Bear with me with this..Now the Twin Cities should be their own region (probably Duluth and Rochester as well since they're also large cities..but whatever is good) Again, I'm not sure how many seats exactly should be allocated, my suggestion is Minneapolis should have more seats, and maybe St. Pa
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