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  1. I've been fiddling with attempting to create a USA/Canada United senario in which Canada joins the united states, thus adding at least 10 provinces, now states to the map. Ideally Id like to make a few new provinces, IE Southern Ontario, the GTA an Northorn Ontario out of Ontario, and merge PEI, NB, NS into Acadia and make each of the provenices into states as well. The major problem I have run into is first and foremost the map. When vastness of Canada is added it is EXTREMLY difficult to send your candidate to NH or RI. If anyone with more skills who thinks this could be a good idea would like to try the idea, or even if someone could help make an effective, realistic and usable map that would be greatly appreciated. The idea of Canada joining the USA is often joked/feared about in Canada, and as a Canadian when I got the Campaign editor attempting this senario was the first thing I attempted, and has monopolized my free time, and since I know most people have far better skills than I, and having seen the great work done by so many, I decided if I failed in my attempt to make this senario that I would then pitch it and see if someone else can acheive, so heres the pitch, I hope someone swings at it. Rawson
  2. Id like a copy too please MichaelRawson@hotmail.com As for the GOP Primary - they couldnt give Walkin much coverage without bring back John Goodman, and with the show dishing out huge pay increases for most of the cast (the show was supposed to scraped after season 6, so to get most of the actors to comit themselves to another season of a dying show was costly - plus with big name actors like Alan Alda I dont think they could have afforded Goodman - but I did read way back during the 6th season that they approached Goodman... it all comes down to money.
  3. Great point, while typing these ideas I was simply writing whatever came into my head without much thought. I never concidered the great and horrible impact this could have on the game.
  4. Please remember, frontrunners rarely win primaries. All this speculation is interesting, but it really dosnt matter who the frontrunner is... the winner generally emerges once the dust of super tuesday dies down.
  5. Please send all of them to michaelrawson@hotmail.com Thanks, Happy New Year, RAWSON4PRESIDENT I read on the second page of this thread that there is a New Hampshire Governor senario... could you please verify that it exists or that its being worked on or that I am mistaken? If there is such a senario Id really like a copy of it - it is my home state and all.
  6. MDR

    2008 V.1.1

    Id like a copy please, Michaelrawson@hotmail.com Please let me know where it should be sent. RAWSON4PRESIDENT
  7. I imagine this is already known to the game designer, but New Hampshire swings to both parties... infact it generally chooses the winning candidates.
  8. Just a few thoughts: Id really like to see better coverage of primary elections...zoom in so the state covers the map area, with the candidate pictures on the bottom, similar to coverage of the general. I imagine this would be difficult to do, so perhaps just for key primaries like New Hampshire, California, New Jersey, Illinois etc. Be able to give more than one speech per topic... should be unlimited. Make the pre-election office of the candidate important. For example Governors have a better shot than a Senator to get elected, and the Senator in turn has a better shot than a congressman. More accurate regionalism - for example a New England Governor should get a bonus in the other 5 NE states Speeches and ads on issues should gradually raise their importance. If all the candidates talk about is education, it could quickly become a major issue Winner of the New Hampshire Primary should get a bigger bump in the polls. Similar to Crusaders, you should be able to hire a loyal campaign staff... give them attributes like carisma, loyalty, intelligence... etc. Give the VP candidate a bigger role - the ability to give speeches, more attributes, greater support to the ticket in home region (not just his state). The ability to let the computer manage the VP... sometimes I get so tied up with the top of the ticket I forget to move the VP... the option should be there to let the computer do it... possible hire a campaign manager - depending on how much money your willing to spend, the better the computer manages the campaign. Make it so the congress does not necessarily go along party lines - i played as a center-right independant, won 230 electorial votes, the democrat got 100 and something, and the republican only got 80 something, and the congress choose the republican. I dont beleive this would happen - the fall out of denying the winner of both the popular and electorial votes the presidency would be too great for a republican congress. Religion needs to be part of the game. Imagine if a devot Catholic Democrat from Georgia ran against an athestic liberal-republican from Maryland - the political map be upside down. The Christian right needs to have an endorsment, as do pro-life and pro-choice action groups. More detailed candidate information. The title should be from a drop down list, you should be able to creat a sort of resume - for instance 3 four year terms in the PA state legislatur 86, 90, 94, three two year term in the House 96, 98, 00, one 2 year term as speaker of the house 00, one 6 year term as senator 02 - 08... etc. Let that decide your experience. What I think would be really nice is once you have your "resume" created have the computer ask how you voted on a few key bills... could have a serious impact on your campaign... just an idea - doubt its possible. Be able to accept or decline donations. Have organization approach candidates with support. For instance, have a major toacco company offer support - taking the money can help your campaign, but there could be negative fallout for taking money from that organization choose when your candidate enters the election - some candidates dont enter until after the New Hampshire Primary, or declare their candidacy just before the NH filling deadline. during the primaries, have the option of not being on the ballot on certain states - for instance John Edwards choose not to be on the ballot in NH, thinking he didnt have a chance - saved some money but in retrospect may have cost him the nomination. Could make it so being on the ballot in each states cost a little money - the more options and choices are available in the game the more interesting it will be. It should be very difficult for candidates with view points outside the "party-line" to get their parties nomination - a democrate against abortion, a republican in favour of universal health care or against school vouchers. Candidates with extreme positions should automaticly issolate a large portion of the electorate. For instance, I created myself as a candidate, I am far-left on education and healthcare, and center-right on most things. I am conciderably right-wing in regards to abortion, same sexmarrige and stemcells... yet I won the election with 450 electorial votes! The election was a walk... a great amount of debate should have came up, yet didnt. In a situation when the president is not running for re-election, for example in 08 senario,the incumbant party should be able to move the President around similar to the Candidate and the VP Candidate... even if they are only allowed to have 1 event a week it could be a big advantage or a huge liability to have the president on your campaign. There should be extremly rare events that could potentially sink a campaign... for example (and this is off the top of my head) a candidate is strongly in favour of allowing canadian perscription drugs into the us, then it comes out they were made badly and 100 people die of complications - this would effectivly blow a sure to win election out of the water. Obviously a better senario is possible, but I this needs to happen very rarely, and then even if it occurs should only have a massive impact if one of the candidates have the right stance on a certain issue. Make a candidates age and health an issue. Make it possible for a candidate to die on the campaign trail, ads and speeches attacking the candidates health. Dirty Campaigning - have the option to buy votes, stuff ballot boxes, hire assassins, conseal health problems and make up scandles on their opponents... all of which should have a horrible impact on the campaign if it comes out that they were behind it. Be able to govern, help with the midterms, appoint a cabinet, and decide to run for re-election. the game should take up the whole computer screen - not just a third of it during election night you should be able to call your opponent and conceed These are just some ideas off the top of my head... i doubt theyre any good, or for that matter possible.
  9. I agree it would be very difficult to do, but any time I see primaries being covered it is exactly like the general election. The campaign staff carefully watch the results, the media gives an incredable amount of coverage as the results come in. I grew up in New Hampshire, and every 4 years go back to help some candidate - nothing important, just door to door - and im telling you it is an important election, as are many primaries. It would be far more realistic if the game did cover certain primaries like the general - ie New Hampshire, California, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Illonois, etc. THe big ones.
  10. In a situation with a lot of candidates with significant ballots it should be possible to haggle over where state delagates are situated on the convention floor, the issue platform... everything that is truely debated prior to a convention. Also, after the second ballot the last place candidate should have to drop off, then another candidate after the third... etc, having everyone but two candidates drop off after the first ballot is rediculous
  11. One thing I would like to see, esspecially since the game is from the point of view of the campaign manager is debate negotiations. This allows you to stratagize about the skill of your candidate and there appointment. It be really nice to be able to choose the topics of the debates (ie one on foreign policy, another on education, or just one general debate, or no debates).
  12. Come on people - its a camera flashing
  13. Please send me a copy - and if possible instructions on how to install it. Thanks, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! RAWSON michaelrawson@hotmail.com
  14. Instead of making a seperate senario for a west wing election, why not just make some of the candidates or potential candidates to the 04, 08 senarios already of the game. Personaly Id like to see Bartlett, Leo, Santos, Josh and Hoynes for the democrats, Vinick, Walken, and most of all, my favorite character on the show, Speaker Jeff Haffley. To be truely honest id much rather have the candidates than a senario. Perhaps this is an avenue worth exploring? RAWSON
  15. No one has given an answer regarding problems with adding pictures.
  16. MDR

    primary order

    First, I will tell you about myself. My last name is Rawson, I am a Canadian Citizen living in Ontario. I am in my late teens/early twenties and poltics is my passion. As soon as I finish my degree in poly science and history I plan to teach for a while then before I turn 30 get elected to the ontario legislature. This is my fist experience on an online forum and am hesitant to release anymore information. Second, Of course I tried surching for the list online, however the one I found does not add up to that of the game. Naturally I knew I was asking alot, and that it would be a long shot for this request to be filled. I do not expect some one to do it today or tomorrow, but I thought others might like to have a list of the dates and affected states that they can print off and refure to as the campaign progresses. I actually plan to do this myself, but I figured, as it was astutly pointed out, it would be alot of work, and thought it possible that someone may have done something like this already. In the short term though, could someone answer me this, in the stragy section, are the states listed in order? Montana is last and Ive always understood New Jersy to be the last primary. Oh, I forgot to mention I am originally from Concord New Hampshire - my family is Canadian, so I got citizenship that way but spent my early years watching the states primary and my father was a precict captain. We return to our house outside Concord for the primary season.
  17. MDR

    primary order

    it would be very helpful for my campaign statagy to have a list i can print off, when the date for each primary for both parties if they r different from eachother. To save time i have no problem usein two letter short forms in the compiling of this list, but exact dates are essential. A rough example of what id like is.. January*IA January*NH ... January*super tuesday(states that entails) ect. thx a lot Merry Christmas RAWSON4PRESIDENT
  18. Correction, Leo served in Owen Lassiter's as it is said during Leo's drug addiction story that he was "high while running the labour department in 96" It is also to my understanding that Lassiter was the 2 term president, and there is a portrait of Reagan somewhere in the White House. I recomend you watch Season 2 episodes 1 and 2, In The Shadow of Two Gunmen Parts 1&2. It is these two episodes which cover the 08 primaries. I would be very interested in the successful creation of this primary, and feel free to use your imagination in its creation. Best of Luck
  19. Hello, I am a complete novice when it comes to computer, and despertly want to change some candidates names in diffrent riddings - for instance in sarnia-lambton I want to change Pat Davidson, running for the Conservatives to a candidate I've created for the leadership. When running for national office its almost required that the candidate be running in a ridding. That you can create a national candidate and only have to select their home region and not their ridding really frustrates me, and cannot understand how a great game such as this which has addressed so many complicated issues I never would have expected a game to even touch on, yet not allow you to simply change individual ridding candidates. If someone could give very simple, step by step instructions on how to change ridding candidates from the point of unzipping the constituency editor to playing the game. I did attempt to manuel go into the game files, with the help of a friend, spent a few hours tweaking the game to my satisfaction, then to my dismay not able to use them and have to revert to the original. After all that time, making each of my leadership candidates from every party, and getting completly pumpt the play the game, only to have it not worked turned me away from game for a few days. I downloaded the constitency editor, and some how managed to get it unzipped - a feat unpresidented for me - to the correct folder, but when I went to use it, I clicked on Canada 2006, then Ontario, expecting to have every ridding available, but that was it! Southern Ontario, and to the right a box foreach party, and frankly the readme folder should be more detailed for people like my self, who grew up in the computer era but fell through the cracks and some how became computer-retarted. This would make my week if I can finally make the edits that are so vital to the realism, and in tern the playability to me (I am a very anal-retentive person and need things perfict to acept the premise of a game). Thank you very, very much, have a great day and a merry christmas, RAWSON4PRESIDENT/PRIME MINISTER
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