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  1. Great point, while typing these ideas I was simply writing whatever came into my head without much thought. I never concidered the great and horrible impact this could have on the game.
  2. Just a few thoughts: Id really like to see better coverage of primary elections...zoom in so the state covers the map area, with the candidate pictures on the bottom, similar to coverage of the general. I imagine this would be difficult to do, so perhaps just for key primaries like New Hampshire, California, New Jersey, Illinois etc. Be able to give more than one speech per topic... should be unlimited. Make the pre-election office of the candidate important. For example Governors have a better shot than a Senator to get elected, and the Senator in turn has a better shot than a congressma
  3. Hello, I am a complete novice when it comes to computer, and despertly want to change some candidates names in diffrent riddings - for instance in sarnia-lambton I want to change Pat Davidson, running for the Conservatives to a candidate I've created for the leadership. When running for national office its almost required that the candidate be running in a ridding. That you can create a national candidate and only have to select their home region and not their ridding really frustrates me, and cannot understand how a great game such as this which has addressed so many complicated issues I n
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