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  1. ...which we should be expecting when, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks.
  2. Works great, Anthony! Thanks. PS - any idea when you might release the update that allows you to go through the primaries week-by-week?
  3. Woops. Had issues posting the image. The error reads: TGameEngine::ProcessEndOfRoundServer () Code=1 List Index Out Of Bounds (0)
  4. Anthony, Below is a screen shot of the error I receive anwhere as early as December 15, 2015, and Jan 23, 2016. The same error occurs at about the same time in the 1968 scenario, as well as every scenario I've tried since downloading the new version. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. So glad someone is doing this for the 2016 platform. My only suggestion would be that you include some third party candidate, or a no-name "test" type of candidate. Some of us like to run through the scenarios as test candidates and play 'election manipulator.'
  6. The game looks great Anthony. And the $10 gift certificate is more than generous. Many thanks. One request: For me personally, a big part of the fun in the President Forever games is having some sort of third party or "test candidate" that you can play as the "human" player. That way, you can run various election simulations with loads of scenarios, without having to play as one of the major candidates you'd like to watch. Any chance of getting a third party or "test" player option soon?
  7. This does look awesome. I enjoy the scenarios that go that extra mile to make the headlines interesting. It takes some of the autonomy away from the player with so many uncontrollable momentum-changing events, but you get to tell a story, which makes it worth it to me.
  8. I'd include Sarah Palin as possible challenger to Romney from the Right in the Republican primaries. Would certainly include her before Rick Perry, who after his embarrassing performance this go-round, is probably done with presidential politics.
  9. Nitpick: In the 2008 Pres Forever + primaries you could see your national momentum on the main screen, right beside your national polling percentages. You could also see your state momentum on the main screen simply by clicking on a state. Im having trouble locating similar statistics in the 2012 version of the game.
  10. Woops...that's odd. Definitely was aware Goldwater was from AZ. Fixing it.
  11. If you'd like to test out a new scenario, shoot me your email. The scenario is based off of the 1964 election, featuring actual stories and headlines from the time period throughout game-play. Below are the descriptions for the candidates. After the tragic assasination of beloved President John F. Kennedy, VP LBJ finds himself at the helm. Fortunately for Johnson, the Republicans look poised to nominate Barry Goldwater, a firebrand Senator from Arizona known for his very conservative views and frequent foot-in-mouth coments. But could a primary challenge from the more charismatic, better kn
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