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  1. Id appreciate getting it too, thanks. fish_299@hotmail.com
  2. Yea id say that infrastructure spending is covered in the economy slider, I folded it into the ficsal stimulus that all the parties are proposing right now
  3. Scenarios mostly coded, just have to finish up ridings in Ontario and Quebec. I acedidently used the Canada 2008 wonk ridings files, with the regular 2008 map, so I have to sort out where all the ridings go, for instance one riding in the ottawa region of the wonk scenario is blo quebecois, cause they include the quebec suburbs of Ottawa in it, so i cant just put all the ottawa ridings in the north eastern ontario region. Ill probably have it done in a couple days.
  4. One of the things that I always thought needed improvement on theoryspark's excellent 2008 scenario were the issue descriptions and their positions on the state level. Seeing that I modified almost all of the issue descriptions for the 2008 scenario to include specific policy proposals and bills which were in play in the election in 2008. So for example instead of the left position of abortion being just the safe, legal and rare line, I changed it to "No changes to Roe v. Wade. Keep partial-birth abortion legal. Support the Freedom of Choice Act in Congress." The second thing I modified was
  5. Hmmmm I could spin a scenario where Harper seeing polling with him safely in majority territory could justify taking the conservative view on multiculturalism we all know the conservatives have and bring it up as a campaign issue. That and I already coded all the files with a multiculturalism event and don't want to go back and change it Heres the new issues I have: Multiculturalism- center right everywhere but montreal, vancouver and gta, which are center left. Possibly right in Quebec rural areas? Multiculturalism is the Canadian Way! Further entrench it in the constitution, people who o
  6. Hey guys, Ive modified most of issues and leaders, campaign blurbs etc. I still cant for the life of me tho get the constituency editor to work, whatever I do with the file arrangement I get the default_Greater_Vancouver etc... message. Ive gone over the sticky for it, but the instructions are proving too vague for me. Could someone help me please?
  7. Great points, it will be interesting to see if Dumont makes the transition to federal politics. In particular his brand of cultural conservativism which he ran on in the last two elections and how it will impact the Conservative party going forward. Im thinking about issues in the election, either one just entitled "coalition government", and whether it was a good idea or not, or should i tie it into the larger "government ethics" issue. Also im thinkin afghanistan will be back as a big issue in my scenario, maybe an event midways thro the race in which Barack Obama asks for Canada to stay i
  8. Hey all I just joined up at the forums here but have been a longtime fan of Canadian Prime Minister Forever and have been loving all the different user mods for it. Im starting to mod a Canadian election scenario set in 2009, which for those of you not following Canadian politics right now is a very real possibility with the political turmoil we've experienced recently. The storyline being that even tho Harper got Parliament to prorogue last week, but the coalition manages to still take power in February with Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff at its head. However the three parties can't agree
  9. fish_299@hotmail.com Thanks alot, keep up the great work!
  10. Hey Id love to give this great scenario a try fish_299@hotmail.com Thanks alot
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