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  1. I just finished playing 1860 as John Bell (Constitutional Union). I did get endorsed by a two Democrats and a Republican, but it was tough grabbing the south from Breckenridge, and the north from the GOP.
  2. Yes, yes... another 1968 scenario... This time as Reagan, on hard. Won the primary. Humphrey was killing me when I got to the general, though. At one point, I was leading in only California, Ohio and Kansas. As in the past, I staged a late surge in the final four weeks. Got some great ads, and hammered on HH. Wallace put up a fight early in the general - he got ALL of the gubernatorial endorsements - but I got all the others (except Truman's). Here's the stage on election day: Humphreys 38.6% (279 EV) and -22.5 momentum; Reagan 31.4& (48 EV) and +20.6 momentum; Wallace 20.4% (108 EV) a
  3. Played 1968 on Hard as Ronald Reagan. Alas! I lost the primary to Nixon, so I continued as Nixon. I spacebarred from the convention up until the last 3 weeks. I was down over 15 points, had under 100 EVs. If you want to know how bad it was, the John Birch Society endorsed Humphreys. I got a high and medium scandal on Humphreys, and started pummeling him with negative radio ads, while running some newspaper on me. I had a Network TV ad (11 power!) on me, so I ran it twice, and started working on another one (they take forever in 1968 to make and 4 turns start-up). HH had some major (-15 to -20
  4. I played 1968 as Ronald Reagan. Tough sledding! I somehow emerged as the winner of the primary, and entered the general with something like 100 electoral votes to Humphreys 300+ and Wallace's ~70. I pummeled Humphreys with ad after ad after ad, and managed to steal away the NYT, WaPo and LAT endorsements. His momentum was up and down dramatically, as he'd keep getting events that would up his Experience and Vietnam issues to +8 mo', but then I'd bat that down with negative ads. Still, a week out, he had somewhere around 50 more ECs than I did, after swapping leads. I pulled out all the stops
  5. I played Huckabee, got him through the 2008 primary and went against Clinton. Commence slaughter of the Democrats. Huck and T-Paw demolished Hill and Bill [Richardson], garnering 59.8% of the vote to their 38.4%, and snagging 482 electoral votes. Race was called at 8:33pm. It was complete Democratic disaster, with Huckabee's Mo' running in the double digits almost the entire general election (maxing out at ~+21, and Clinton dove to ~-20 in the final week. A whopping 11 states gave Huck/TPaw over 70% of their vote (GA: 70.1, LA: 70.6, IA: 70.8, SD: 72.2, KS: 72.8, NE: 72.9, AL: 73.3, ID
  6. I just finished playing 1980 as Reagan against Carter (with primaries, on medium), and had smashing success. Got Kennedy to endorse me in... May, I think it was. Polls closed at 4pm, and they called it at 5:12pm. I ended up with 58.6% and 523 electoral votes. Carter only won Georgia and DC - and he only had 50.5% in GA. However, the best part of the game? Getting 41.7% in Washington D.C. with a Republican candidate.
  7. I played the 2008 default scenario as Richardson. Endorsed by Edwards, Obama, and Fred Thompson. Check out the delegate count. Yep, you saw that right. But, alas! she stole a delegate from me at the convention! Three weeks before the last primaries (MT and SD) it was Clinton 1926, Richardson 1910. The next week I took it to Clinton 1920, Richardson 1916. The week before the final vote, it was Clinton 1919, Richardson 1917. She won both states by 5%-15%, but I swung a delegate in SD. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. I've never ended up in a tie, although I saw Clinton beat Biden 1919-1917
  8. Well, I thought about it, but only two independents have run since 1994, or earlier. Third parties are pretty weak anywhere, but in Oklahoma they're practically non-existent. The Green Party probably has less than 100 "members" state-wide; there may be a few more Libertarian or Constitution "members". However, we have very restrictive ballot access laws. We had only two candidates on the presidential ballot in '04 and '08. The last party on the ballot other than GOP and Dems was Reform in '96, I believe, and only as a holdover from Perot's performance. We have more independents run for Gover
  9. Thanks. I started on it once, but I didn't know as much as I do now, and 77 counties was a bit daunting at the time. Perhaps I'll try again at some point.
  10. 2010 - Oklahoma's Second Congressional District Democrat Rep. Dan Boren has decided to run for higher office (Governor, Senate... it doesn't matter), leaving his seat open. A crowded field in both parties hopes to replace him. Heavily Democratic (but conservative) in everything but Presidential elections, the 2nd District has had only two Republicans: Alice Robertson (1921-1923), and Tom Coburn (1994-2000). Can one of the Republican candidates join those Robertson and Coburn? Or will the Democrat primary be the "real" election? Here's the Rapidshare file; give your email if you want it sen
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