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  1. Name: Gov. Josiah Garrett Party: Republican State: Oklahoma Primary Bonuses: Oklahoma (+10), Texas (+8), Iowa (+5), South Carolina (+3) VPs: Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Nikki Haley Stances: Abortion - Far-Right Govt Spending - Right Education - Far-Right Energy - Right Environment - Right Gun Control - Far-Right Health Care - Far-Right Immigration - Right Defense Spending - Center-Right Iran - Center-Right Military Intervention - Center-Right Role of Government - Right Free Trade - Center-Left Tax Rates - Far-Right Same sex marriage - Right Social
  2. I've got some bugs I'm trying to work out on it, plus some updated numbers following the Bachmann and Perry crashes and the Cain surge. Will try to get this back out to everyone soon.
  3. Just sent an updated version back out. I added Giuliani, Ryan, Christie, Trump, Bayh and some other stuff.
  4. I based the GOP primary percentages off of current polling data, with slight adjustments.
  5. ahduke99, Klew1987, Sarnstrom, Abe Lincoln, McTexas, dr abc -- sent.
  6. LOL! Yeah, I just threw some pics together in Paint. Jon Huntsman's pic messed up.
  7. RobertFK, Prometheus, bosmarc, Dennis Kussinich 08 -- sent.
  8. I will try to fiddle with that and get it back to you in a few days.
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