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  1. While Bloomberg isn't definitely in the race, I'd say it's a serious option, and after all Gore and Gingrich have also not announced, and I'd argue he's more likely to run than Gore. I know it's a lot more work to make a new party (be it independent or Unity08) than creating a new candidate in a pre-existing party, but I reckon it would make it much more interesting and widen the options.
  2. You should probably wait until the final four episodes have been shown. I think they will explain more of the politics, and perhaps introduce some characters who might be useful. For example, we still don't know who will be VP right now, and I assume they would be Santos' running mate in four years. Also, we've had a couple of new characters introduced in the race for the new Speaker of the House. I also happen to think that Santos wouldn't have any serious challenger in four years. Russell will be trying to get back on track (remember that he had only served a few terms in Congress before becoming VP) and probably won't want another stab at the Presidency so soon, and I think Hoynes is finished. Also, has Triplehorn featured since season 4? Perhaps if the winner of the Speakership race is someone who has less in common with Santos, he could be a challenger.
  3. Why not have a system where all Presidential candidates you make can also be used as VP candidates? Maybe some of the attributes of a Prez would be irrelevant in a VP, but many could be used
  4. This scenario has now been posted on the website, so you can download it from there.
  5. Yeah, the Debate is the best one for find policy issues. I could probably find enough to cover the election just in that episode.
  6. Castro probably lost that contest because the Tories took China and India. Together they account for almost 40% of EVs. I did one as Xanana Gusmao versus the Presidents of Russia, South Africa and Iran. Despite only beating Putin by 3 points (36-33) I won more than 4 times as many EVs, with over 900 compared to 240. Putin came third with electoral votes, with 33%, just being beaten by the Liberals with 21%. This is probably because the Libs basically have little to no presence in the Big Two. It means they can't win anywhere near as easily as the Tories or the Social Democrats, but they do better in the EVs. I'll be refining the scenario tonight then send it out to the people who asked for it. Also, if you want a more standard two-party contest, maybe you should try turning off the Liberals and Islamists. Have a Bush vs. Chavez contest.
  7. Johnny, The Electoral Votes were calculated based on the populations given by the CIA World Factbook. In case you didn't notice, some countries have been merged, as there aren't enough regions for each country to be separate (plus in some cases you wouldn't want to). So in the case of China, it has only been merged with Taiwan. Whereas India has been merged with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which are all sizeable in themselves, so that's why it's bigger than China. Likewise, you'll notice that Venezuela includes the three small countries next to it (Guyana, Suriname, French Guinea), Andes includes a few different countries, and so on. Actually, the only countries which remain singular, largely because they are big enough and there aren't small nearby countries to merge into them, are: -Russia -USA -Australia -Canada -Iran -Pakistan -Turkey I've found a really good person to play with is the Pres of Iran (don't know his name), he suits the Islamist Party. He's not in the version I emailed out, but he'll be in the one on the website. Also, while it's accurate to have the EVs as they are, it does make it a bit dull because China and India are so large. I've generally played it with a full 750-vote strategy, but recently I started playing with only China and India in my strategy. It costs about $10 million a day to advertise in both countries, but if you carry both you've got over 600 EVs in the bag, and the momentum will usually drag a few other countries along. Indeed, if you play as the Conservatives or the Social Democrats you probably have 150 extra votes in countries which are solidly yours (for example, the USA is solidly Conservative, and some parts of Europe and Latin America are solidly Social Democrat, and Iran and Arabia are solidly Islamist).
  8. sarnstrom54014 sent me some extra candidates, and I've added them to the scenario, and sent it off to be put on the 80soft website. So I may not be as diligent now in responding to people asking for a copy. It'll be available on the website soon enough.
  9. Done. Yes, there's a world map. Basically, the game works perfectly well. But your particular favourite world leader may not be in the game. You can play as: -Vajpayee (former Indian PM) -Castro -Bush -Joshka Fischer -John Howard (Australian PM) -Jose Zapatero (Spanish PM) -Kofi Annan -Lula de Silva -Mahathir Mohamed -Megawati Sukarnoputri -Ralph Nader -Yudhoyono -Tony Blair so the list is a bit unbalanced, but there's a few people to run as. Hilary 08, your email didn't work. Also, if anyone wants to add their own favourite world leader, pass it on to me and i'll add it to the game. If we get a better spread of candidates I'll send it to 80soft.
  10. I've started sifting through the 14 episodes so far. Here are some I've come up with: -Immigration (Vinick on the border) -Nuclear Power -Abortion (Vinick and Santos are the same, but other candidates would be different) -Tax Cuts -Intelligent Design -Education (Santos' education plan)
  11. Hey all, The last pre-election episode of the West Wing will be shown on Sunday night. I was thinking that, if the authors of that scenario permit, I'd like to update it a bit. If people can help out, I'd like to: -Work out the support levels in each state. Bear in mind that California is considered Republican at the start of the campaign. -Replace the election issues with the ones in the campaigns. So can people suggest 18 election issues from Season 7? I've got the season 7 episodes on my computer so I'll go through them looking for issues.
  12. Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone wants a copy of the World President scenario I made. It never was completed, but it's possible to play it. It only has a few candidates, and the date is set as March 2003 (it took far too long to make). I gave up on making Parliamentary versions of the World scenario, as it's just too difficult. But other people might be interesting in working on finishing off a world scenario and updating the political issues to 2006. I've done a lot of the hard work in mapping, working out each country's EVs, etc. Although the way the game works currently, I had to reduce populations to 1/10th, as once the number of voters enters the billions all the percentages go out of control. So in summary, you can play the World President scenario, but the candidates in the game are a bit short of a real field of world leaders.
  13. I've been wondering how Congress Forever is going to work. Maybe they're going to introduce bicameral elections with it?
  14. I'd assume that they'd use the methods used in the PM series, ie. you need to get the support of crossbenchers to be Majority Leader. Although having crossbenchers in the US Congress is hardly as significant as in the House of Commons in Canada or the UK.
  15. Maybe in general there should be a weighting of the polling times according to how close the contest is. For example, if the margin is more than 10%, there is no delay. If it is 5-10%, it is delayed 1 hour, and one more hour for each percentage closer, so it takes 6 extra hours to call an election if the margin is less than 1%.
  16. sven


    I get that the reason why that is done is because, with so many parties, you run the risk that some seats will have no candidates. So maybe you should be able to classify some parties as essential, and you can't turn them off, and you can turn off others.
  17. The idea about giving particular candidates different support in different areas is a good idea. Clearly southern candidates perform differently to northern candidates, yet in this game, apart from the home state itself, a person's location (or their personality) plays little role. You should be able to set bonuses for particular candidates in each state. For example, in the game I'm making for World President, I want Bush to be particularly unpopular personally (not the Conservative Party, just Bush in person) across the Middle East, and there are numerous others.
  18. It might also be useful looking at historical elections. I know the 2004 EVs fairly well, and this knowledge can be used for recent elections like 2000 and 1992, but once you go back to, say, 1960, it makes it hard to run a good campaign, not understanding the political dynamics. But then again, that's also to do with not knowing what are the real "swing states".
  19. sven


    I don't get why it was done this way. Wouldn't it have been simpler to add them to the game and then make the default to have the party turned off?
  20. I'd like to see the games become integrated into an Election Forever game. That way, you could make one scenario, and the person playing it can switch between electoral systems. So you could instantly switch the UK scenario to play on US rules, or on German rules (which it can do already - sort of - by moving them). I know that there is a bit of this, in that it is easier to make a scenario for P4E if it's based on a PMF scenario, but actually making them fully integrated.
  21. Maybe we could get one democratic and one republican to play a game on a neutral 2008 scenario, and whoever wins that game, that becomes the backstory for the 2012 scenario?
  22. I'd like to see it so that you can pick what day the election is on. Extend the campaign period, and if you play as the incumbent, you can monitor polls, monitor your performance and decide when to call the election.
  23. Thanks a lot. That worked like a charm.
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