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  1. Wanna send it to me aswell? garrettbarry87 @ gmail . com
  2. Would you mind sending me Global Pres? Garrettbarry87 @ gmail . com ( spaces to avoid spambots,)
  3. Senetorial Election, 2010. I played as NDP The Liberals got the least amount of votes ( i dont count the bloc, they didnt even get one seat), but won the senate. Weird. 30 - 28 - 27
  4. Hey. How do you make a coalition gouvernament in the game? Thanks much.
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    So, anyways, i play this game, and i suck. BAD. I have everything set to easy, all the options off, but still, im really bad. I rememer once, i played the 1993 scenerio as the liberals ( they had 160 seats, they wanted a majority gouvernment) I ended up losing to a majority conservative party ( whose goal was to become opposition) i ended with about 60 seats. Soo. Anyone got any help, tips?
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