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  1. I've lost interest in the 2008 election already: There's no way that Americans are collectively intelligent enough to elect Russ Feingold, so why care at all?
  2. How the Hell did the NDP go from leading Quebec in 1987 to get slaugtered by the Tories in 1988?
  3. Giuliani is the least evil on this list...Anybody dumb enough to back pRick doesn't deserve to post here. hahah...Mitt the Mor(m)on won't even win MA.
  4. That's a complete no-brainer: Russ Feingold.
  5. Why? Because most companies provide a combination of buggy games and negligible support and therefore deserve to have their few play-worthy games (which are so niche that even severe bugs are rarely-if-ever-fixed) pirated... I'm mainly referring to EA and UbiSoft of course, but there are other companies, both large and small, that expect us to pay for buggy products they don't support. 80soft, thankfully, treats their customers and games with respect and therefore deserves better.
  6. That hospital guy? Why does he need his own campaign when there are plenty of leftist parties ready to reinvest in the healtchare system.
  7. Campbell's PCs won more of the popular vote than NDP (:-() or than the Bloc Quebecois. Campbell won more of the popular vote in 1993 than Layton won in 2004. 21% is far worse in a 3 party system than 16% is in a 5 party system.
  8. Extremism isn't a bad thing when it's somewhat realistic, and given the polarised nature of B.C. politics (Ranges from more conservative than rural Alberta to more leftist than Windsor or Halifax or Plateau Mont-Royal (hehe...Maybe that's pushing it there)), some degree of it is to be expected. My only problem is the lack of realism in giving the Fraser Valley a pro-marijuana issue centre...Were it not for the lack of Confederate flags, you'd mistake it for a lost fiefdom of Jesusland....The Peace River Valley is also nearly as regressive.
  10. Doing well as the Bloc isn't an accomplishment. I can take every Quebec seat except Mont-Royal with them.
  11. The sad thing is, this scenario is a very realistic one IRL and ppl support the EC regardless. I hate the E.C. and I hate FPTP. The only system that's shittier is Hong Kong's, because the CCP and corporate interests pack the legislature with pro-China rightists (You'd have to understand my politics and the way I analyse East Asia to understand why I see theCCP and its allies as being the political right.) against the Democratic will of the people, who only elect half the legislature but voted in liberal and socialist anti-China parties in a landslide, in spite of massive vote fraud by CCP c
  12. So? Nobody's forcing you to use it, and it's fun to end up with a Jack Layton/Bill Blaikie ticket winning it all in the United North America Scenario.
  13. I control all four human players and turn Martin into an ultra-federalist fascist but otherwise do nothing with him all game and make Layton and Harper run huge attack campaigns in Quebec against Martin, while Duceppe runs a positive campaign and goes around canvassing in places like Westmount and Pierrefonds. I still can't nudge Mont-Royal from the Liberals though, no matter how much I rig the election in Duceppe's favour (even though I can easily take places like Westmount and St. Leonard.) and turn Martin into the second coming of Adolf Hitler. Any tips to crush Cotler without changing t
  14. That would require some Greens to prefer Liberal to Labour, and that will never happen. No one intelligent enough to support a party that is both Anti-American and Anti-Chinese would ever rank Liberal above the bottom.
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