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  1. hmm... these are some ideas that i came up with for new republicans Charles Barkley (yes the former NBA star) runs as a Republican in Alabama for governor and wins there despite his pro-choice and pro-gay marriage stance. He supported Obama in 2008 but then supported Romney in 2012. After Romney dropped out he went back to Obama due to how the Palin/Jindal ticket ran. Despite the fact that he only has 2 years as governor a grassroots movement drafted him for president and decided to run Michael Steele gets bumped out of the RNC chairman and looked finished but made one of the biggest politic
  2. So I have added a strong reform party with jesse ventura (he is actually stronger in my scenario than mitt/ruy's) and the libertarian party. I will just need to know if I should add the very weak green party or the constitution party with alan keyes
  3. yeah im thinking about adding kucinich or cindy sheehan as off candidates. also matt gonzalez vs. jello briaffa on the greens root vs. jingozian vs. ruwart for libertarians nader the independent and as i look more on ventura im more convinced i should add him
  4. Okay for the Endorsers I have the last two presidents, governors that I'm sure will be back or elected (I will update as time goes on), the newspapers and Bob Gates. Obama is the sole Democrat and for the GOP I have Romney, Palin, Huckabee, Jindal, Gingrich, Sanford, Crist, Pawlenty, Portman, Barbour, Thune, Giuliani and Johnson while I'm thinking about Pence and Cantor. I think I will take off the events due to the fact that basically it hasn't happened and I am still thinking of third parties. Obama might get a small incumbent bounce and I can't stop that but if you play on Republican primar
  5. hey, so I've decided to create a new scenario but I need some help with Republican candidates. My front runners are Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney with Jindal as a sleeper but I know there will be others in the running. Also I need endorsers, some events and like Mitt/Ruy's; I am thinking about putting Ventura as a strong third party candidate but I am not sure. Also other third parties would be nice. This is a balanced scenario so don't worry about bias
  6. ModDem1990

    Election Day

    this game is way too buggy and needs to be fixed...
  7. I see Caroline Kennedy going for the presidency if she gets her senate seat...
  8. hmm... governor rendell needs to be in there also specter will have a challenger from the right i forgot his name but also should be in there but other than that this scenario is great!
  9. XXAGcupofnoodle_no11xX@hotmail.com i've been waiting for this! thanx!
  10. hmm replace her with either john ensign from NV or like i have said tons of times, michael steele. thank you for removing the rallies. Also add biden as an off candidate but make him somewhat strong
  11. global pres please XXAGcupofnoodle_no11xX@hotmail.com also just an idea. i hope i dont offend anyone especially since i supported obama but someone should make a scenario with joe biden as president.
  12. hmm... its alright although you should have updated it on the expected state census. I dont see Chelsea running until at least 2020 if she does. Jodi wont probably run either should of added Michael Steele for the Republicans I loved the fact that you added most of the third party candidates. that makes it more real make biden an off candidate. also adding secretary clinton would of been great. my front runners would of been mark warner and bobby jindal a very close race makes this game fun the scenario was good overall and i found it to be very enjoyable.
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