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  1. COOL I'd like to do the scenario's I suggested, but at the moment I don't have the time to do it (at least not anymore), because I'm preparing for going to university. Ofcourse, I will be studying political science.
  2. I want Kerry to win, but I think Bush is going to win. It will be close though.
  3. Lemme just add another idea How about a database for each candidate with the most prominent members of the party and family members and friends. Such a database would look like this for John Kerry: FAMILY & FRIENDS: Theresa Heinz Vanessa Kerry Alexandra Kerry Fellow Vietnam veterans etc PARTY: Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Tom Vilsack Bill Richardson Ted Kennedy Howard Dean Jimmy Carter etc Now you can choose which Crusader you want to use, pick someone to barnstorm with you (if you would spend a day campaigning along with Bill Clinton it would cost you one CP extra) and y
  4. Yes, I'd also like to see the number of candidates expand, but also the ability to completely deactivate candidates so you don't have to use a 'NONE' for fourth candidate if you only have 3 contestents. When it comes to the candidate selection screen in the beginning, an option where you can choose which candidate is the default human would also been nice. Now the human player is always the first candidate, most often the republican, so I think it would be nice to be able to set the default human. This is a problem I had in my West Wing scenario, where I had Republican Governor Ritchie as fi
  5. I simply opened the bitmap in MS Paint. In the lower right of paint you'll see co-ordinates of where you are on the map (in terms of pixels). Just move the cursor into the area of which you want to make a state, and note down the co-ordinates you see in the lower right. Make sure that the area you are in with your cursor is surrounded by a black line (not even the darkest gray, only black will work). You can enter multiple co-ordinates if a state consists of seperate parts (like an island group).
  6. How do you mean map positions? Or do you mean map co-ordinates?
  7. Another idea begins to form in my head for a modern scenario with power blocks: 1 - Capitalist America lead by George W. Bush, South-America and Japan are allies. The war against terror is still going on. It's possible to make up another war in the middle east following another terrorist attack in the US, Syria? 2 - A pissed-off EU that's tired of following Bush and now follows an extremely liberal agenda with more government influence, the UK got rid of Blair and now fully supports the EU. European thinking has some support among people in Northern America (liberal democrats). 3 - A commun
  8. You can't, because debating skills are personal for people. For example, if you send Bush for debate prep to Florida, and Cheney fundraising in California, how can Cheney's debating skills improve? After all, he's busy getting drunk at a rich-men party in LA.
  9. Just add that porn star who was in last years election
  10. Probably the democratic ticket, but only to choose the lesser of the evils
  11. house elections, state senate elections, state house elections, mayor elections, school board elections... But seriously, such a game would have to have the most interesting races in the nation. For example the 2003 California gubernatorial race, and this year's Illinois senate race featuring Barack Obama.
  12. What would also be an option is to have themed debates, like this year when there will be a domestic themed debate and one about foreign policy. A win of a foreign policy debate would give you momentum on terrorism, military intervention, military funding, etc. Hell yea, it should be able to hire Karl Rove in the game LOL, just made a new topic about that
  13. Is it possible to have a VP debate, just like in the real election, in P4E? For this the running mate would need to have a debating skill level, which you would be able to train for with debate prep for VEEP. It could use the issue familiarity skills of the presidential candidate since the knowledge the candidate obtains will be shared with the entire campaign, and therefore also with the VP candidate. Ofcourse the VP debate has less influence on voters than the presidential debates, but still, it would be a realistic addition to the game I think.
  14. At first I wanted to comment that it's impossible to make a scenario about free elections while communists and fascists are against freedom and democracy, but I changed my mind and think it would be kinda cool. Ofcourse this would be totally fictional, so I'd say it wouldn't hurt to change (perhaps even screw ) history. We could have the three power blocks fighting over the presidency of a united earth. The blocks could be: CAPITALIST: pres FDR, vice-pres Churchill COMMUNIST: pres Stalin, vice-pres Mao FASCIST: pres Hitler, vice-pres Musulini Now I know that this is all but realistic, bu
  15. Uh, the point of my comment was only to express that I think it's more interesting to play current day elections instead of 150 year old ones about a for us dated society with dates issues. I had no intention of starting a discussion on why the civil war started.
  16. HorckDude


    Yea, but there should be a line programmed in the code saying candidates won't drop out if they're called 'Dennis Kucinich'
  17. I see, thank you for commenting But one more thing: right now, if there is no majority in the electoral college the house will choose who will be president. But if you get rid of the electoral college in the game it should also be possible to have a second round instead of having the house pick the winner. This could be as simple as adding a value to the scenario config for the second election day. After there is no majority, the two contestents with the highest percentages battle eachother in the second round, and the others will be kicked out (if that's the player it's just GAME OVER for
  18. Yea, the election of the confederacy was brilliant. Still, my favorite scenario has always been 2004, because it's the most up-to-date one with issues that matter today. Ofcourse beating the democrats over slavery with Lincoln is fun, but it just doesn't feel thesame. The game is based on how elections are run today, so that's why I prefer to fight Bush with my favorite liberal-ticket Dean-Hillary
  19. Ow, I just thought of another idea: Is it possible to add a variable in the scenario config file in which you can disable the electoral system so the winner is chosen by the popular vote? It would give people the oppertunity to create non-US scenario without having to adapt the American electoral college (which, while fun in this game, is a very dated system). Also, people can create future US elections in which there has been some kind of democratic reform. You would still have the various states colored red and blue to see who has the majority, but everywhere in the game where you'd normal
  20. Right now, when you play the game the number of electoral votes in the upper right corner always says 538, even though you change the states' individial electoral votes. Apparently this number is not calculated by counting the total number of electoral votes of the states. However, it does work correctly for the electoral strategy and election night screen, where the correct number of electoral votes for a win is calculated. Can this be fixed in a next version?
  21. HorckDude


    This new version with primaries, how will it work exactly? Will you see a map of the US, where you can travel to the various states to campaign there and at certain point a primary is held? Or will you see a map of the states that have upcoming primaries so you can travel to the various counties in those states to campaign in particular places. This would essentially make the primary-game a whole lot of little election games. Both have their advantages, so I'm curious to see how we will be able to play the primaries and work our way through the nomination. Also, Anthony, will it be possible
  22. As Dutchmen I loved playing all the US scenarios for President Forever, but I always wanted to play my own country for a change. Holland may not have a President, but I'm currently working on a scenario for 2006, in which there will be presidential elections. Along with the other democratic reform (elected mayor) which will take place for the first time in 2006, the royal family will step down to have an elected president become the head of state. The playing map is done, the issues are set out, various province statistics entered (also all provincial flags) and all the major party's are in p
  23. I'm not familiar with France's electoral system and domestic politics, so I can't comment on that aspect. However, I can suggest making a game map with thinner borders between the districts. The thick lines right now make it a bit unpleasant to look at for 1-2 hours (the time I usually need to play a full game). Just take your time with created a good detailed map of France, that's my suggestion. Besides that I think it looks like an excellent scenario!
  24. Great to have a board for the best political computer game ever made. Thank you Anthony!
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