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  1. So far I tried to leave as much countries intact as I could, but I had to make some groups: Central America: countries between Mexico and Columbia Caribbean: the islands between north and south America, not including Cuba since it's very different (with Castro and all) Guana: Guyana, Suriname (formerly named Dutch Guana) and French Guana were little countries, which all got their name from the name of the original territory: Guana. I put that name back in place as voting 'district'. Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland Geat Brittain & Ireland have been grouped togeth
  2. Well, at least we'll soon know if you will have won the bet.
  3. DOH! Ofcourse it will be a huge asset. It makes the elections more complete so you can actually grow from being an unknown candidate to (hopefully) president of the united states.
  4. Let's poll on when you think the next version of P4E will be released. We'll see who's closest to the release. I think it will be thursday, september 23rd. Your votes please, but let's just hope this won't make Anthony nervous.
  5. You gotta be kidding me! For months I played the game while thinking that the chosen activities would be for next day. So if I would be in an unimportant state, and wanted to give a big speech with insight in a swingstate the next, it never worked because I gave the speech in the unimportant state! I just found out I played the game WRONG for months! LOL, that should explain why I lose so often
  6. Stress tends to induce attacks, and if you're very busy on the campaign trail there's quite a bit of stress. A person suffering from MS can have an attack without anyone noticing it. If it is a light attack, he may be able to give a speech, but make a small gaffe. Also, it's possible that due to symptoms of blurred vision he can't see the prompter and has to make something up. Now Bartlet's a gifted speaker, but if he has to improve a lot even he can make mistakes that wouldn't have been made if he would give the speeches written by the speechwriting staff. Well, there are two different def
  7. Tony, all these ideas must make you crazy, but here's another one anyway What about being able to give scenario's preset events that happened in history and had or could have had an impact on elections. Like the assasinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King in 1968, arrest of 5 burglars in the DNC headquarters at the Watergate in 1972, Pres. Carter's Iran hostage crisis in 1980, the death of Ronald Reagan and the news of Iraqi prison abuse in 2004. You must be able to set the news header, date, and which candidate it affects negatively ('none' if it doesn't hurt any candidate) Exam
  8. Ow, speaking of custom sound, is it possible to make the plane sound and button customable? Because if you do a 19th century election you should be able to have buttons of a train and the sound of a train. I doubt that Abraham Lincoln campaigned throughout the country with a personal yet.
  9. Is it possible to add a line in the scenario config's where you can input a soundfile that will be played after you won? This would work like: // Victory sound (scenario folder = root) victorybush.wav If the line is empty there won't be a sound played ofcourse. This would be handy for historic scenario's, so you can add a soundbite of the candidate taking the oath of office or the victory speech. It would just make you feel more proud after you won an election.
  10. How about adding the possibility to enter a campaign name for a candidate? This would be displayed at the top of the screen during the game, and be shown at the 'Welcome to the election' screen in the beginning. For example, entering "Bush-Cheney 2004" as title would give you the opening recap "Welcome to the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign" A very small thing which would not affect the gameplay, but it would make a good addition IMO because it gives you more the feeling of a real campaign. You could even expand this with a (fictional) campaign slogan, logo and campaign web url. But that would be
  11. It's a game with lots of randomnes, you can't actually become good at it. You could win a tournament solely based on luck, so it would be quite unfair.
  12. Risk is decades old and doesn't aim to be politically realistic. It makes no sense to have an East and West US, but still it does, because they didn't want one country as big as the US in Risk. I am looking for a way to devide the world in a way that makes some political sense.
  13. There is a tutorial included in the readme files of President Forever. That's how I learnt to do it.
  14. I think that if they would drop the Electoral College they would drop the rule that the House will pick the winner. They could have a second round between the 2 candidates with most votes. In 1992 and 1996 this would have eliminated Ross Perot (I reckon that after deviding those votes Clinton would receive just over 50), and in 2000 it would have dropped Nader from the race and give Gore over 50% in the popular vote. This I don't understand. Right now the candidates spend no time in the states that are already in their pocket (New England for Kerry, South for Bush - Florida excluded). So t
  15. I suggested this a couple of weeks ago: http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=8
  16. The map has been finished (it looks good IMO) but I'm having problems placing the co-ordinates. I mean I know how to use co-ordinates, but the problem is that the countries are too small. In such a small world map you can barely make out the smaller countries and therefore not place name tags. I did all the big countries, but I don't know what to do now. I think this is the point where I have to start working on the scenario so I can use that background to group countries together (for example Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama become 'Central America'). Now I wanna start with the scenario abou
  17. This is a scenario in which case there would be a 269-269 tie too: It can be done with the current swing states. This scenario is pretty much what the current polls are saying, with the exception of Wisconsin which is currently in Bush' pocket (it'll bounce back to Kerry I think), and Nevada. Nevada tends to lean towards Bush, but if Kerry keeps reminding Nevadans about Bush dumping nuclear waste in their state Kerry will have a very decent chance. But it's definately a possibility to be considered.
  18. That's not the definition of a terrorist. ETA and IRA are also terrorists, but they're not Muslim. I think that someone who uses violence against thousands of innocent people is a terrorist.
  19. Because Islam is being used as a base for a lot of governments. 300 years ago you would've been able to add Christian to the list too, but at this point Christians no longer control governments.
  20. Just like to mention it here that currently I'm working on a world map. I hope to show you very shortly.
  21. Remember the guy has got MS! And I just want to respond to this: He doesn't have a link? For godsake, he IS a terrorist! He's been mass-executing his own citizens for years. I pretty much see that as terrorism.
  22. Hello people. I've been away for quite a few weeks but I'm back and getting to continue working on PF scenarios. I see there are loads of new posts and users since I last came here so I have some reading to catch up on. Also, when I left I had the highest postcount here. Now I must be at the bottom of the list somewhere. In the past weeks I've been on a vacation, introduction week to university and last monday my first classes in political science started. And I can tell you it's extremely interesting! About the scenarios: I'm getting back to the Holland scenario and I have a good world m
  23. LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing: WHERE'S TEDDY ROOSEVELT! I voted for FDR, because for me the battle between the best presidents is always between the two Roosevelts. Just wanted to mention one thing: I think it's hard for us to judge all past presidents, since most of us know little about 200 year old presidents. You can't blame people for not knowing everything of all 43 presidents. Because, I mean, who here can tell me what's the most important thing President Harrison did in his first term? Ok, that's a lame one, because the answer is 'dying'. But you all know what I'm going a
  24. Those are just brilliant ideas! Particularly the alternate cuban missile crisis thingie with a Russian occupied west coast. Can't wait to try that out!
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